Partnering with HPE

Whether you run traditional on-premises IT or are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, hybrid IT model, we provide you with the market expertise to support your business model and what you need to succeed. We believe in helping you use technology to slash the time it takes to turn your ideas into value. Join our Partner Ready Program and we’ll team with you to help expand your opportunities and increase the portfolio of solutions you can deliver.

Together We Win

HPE Partner Ready—one of the IT industry’s oldest and most respected partner programs—will support your business model and provide you with what you need to succeed. Our partners are at the heart of HPE: we have a proven track record of trusted partnerships and consistent partner investment.

HPE Partner Ready


Accelerate your growth by using our market expertise, flexible financial solutions, and rich enablement tools.


Increase profits and reach new markets as an HPE partner. We’ll show you how to move your business further, faster.


Leverage the global HPE Partner Ready ecosystem, solutions and services to create new value opportunities and reduce time to market.

We will rely heavily on partners to lead customers to the New Style of Business.

HPE President and CEO

Top Ten Reasons to Partner with HPE

1. We have $1B in server and $1B in cloud infrastructure sales worldwide1.

2. We’re a leader in most of the other market segments we serve: 2B in networking, 2B in total storage, and 2B in IT services2.

3. Partners generate 70% of HPE hardware revenue5.

4. HPE invests $1.1B in partner business annually5.

5. Over $6B in IT investment funding is available to partners and customer via HPE Financial Services in FY173.

6. HPE Partner Ready sets the industry standard, earning recognition from CRN4.

7. The HPE Partner Ready Program is the most profitable partner program in the industry, with higher payouts than key competitors5.

8. Partners can access all HPE tools, including 120 eServices, with a single login6.

9. Our innovative Social Media Center gives partners ready-to-post social media content.

10. HPE is a highly respected industry leader with over $20B in revenue, more than 400 locations in 120 countries worldwide, and a $1 trillion addressable market in the next three years2.

HPE “gets” strategic partnering and has adopted a best-in-class alliances approach, promoting greater simplicity and acceleration of success.

Patrick Morehead

How the Program Works

We’re known for being highly flexible in the products and services we deliver to customers. And we apply that same approach to engaging with partners. Choose the track that works best for you—whether you focus on solutions, technologies, services, or OEM offerings. 

We’ll provide all the resources, tools, and training to help you succeed in your given area of expertise.

HPE Partner Program for Solution Providers

Partner Ready for Solution Providers

Our partner program for solution providers, the industry’s leading channel program, provides you with services and benefits that fit your business. We enable and promote partners selling complex solutions.

HPE Partner Program for Technology Partners

Partner Ready for Technology Partners

We partner with independent software vendors (ISV) and independent hardware vendors (IHV) to more easily integrate, test, and market HPE product integrations, resulting in a faster time-to-market, increased revenue, and market share.

HPE Partner Program for Service Providers

Partner Ready for Service Providers

Our service provider partners deliver managed private cloud, public cloud, hosting, and outsourcing services. Work with us to get service provider-ready products, services and solutions, flexible business models and joint go-to-market partnership.

HPE Partner Program for OEM Partners

Partner Ready for OEM Partners

We enable our OEM partners to refocus their energy from operations to innovation. Our dedicated OEM team supports product fulfillment and cross-border purchase. Build the value of your brand on the value of ours.

Start Today – Become a Partner

It pays to become an HPE partner, and it’s easy to get started. Simply contact your HPE representative to complete and application and learn more about the benefits available to you.