HPE Transformation Services
Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework

HPE Transformation Services — Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework provides the insight and context to evolve your operating model to bring a unified hybrid cloud experience to all of your workloads and accelerate your transformation programs.

Use a hybrid cloud adoption framework to get it right

Gain transformation success advantage with a hybrid cloud adoption framework as the foundation to develop an actionable cloud adoption and transformation strategy and roadmap

Define clear goals for your transformation

Your business goals are the guiding factor for your digital ambitions, and your operating model needs to provide the capability.  The cloud adoption framework will help you focus on the priorities 

Develop your plan of action

An effective plan to advance your transformation goals identifies the incremental levels of maturity needed across your people, processes and technology

Implement a new approach to governance

Sound governance and processes are the basis of all cloud operations. The cloud adoption framework will identify areas of improvement to bring the cloud experience to all your IT

Our customers

HPE named a leader in Hybrid IT Consulting and Integration Services by IDC MarketScape

IDC MarketScape recognized HPE’s capacity to “deliver end-to-end hybrid and multi-cloud solutions with established methodologies, IP, and talent in line with customer requirements”.

A comprehensive model for sustainability transformation

Accelerate IT sustainability strategy with our tools, best practices and expertise to establish a clear vision, a baseline of sustainability metrics, a communication strategy and a cross-functional sustainability oversight team with HPE Services.

Break down the complexity of transformation

The Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework guides our customers through their transformation journey. It accelerates your adoption of a modern cloud operating model and helps you to understand and plan with a holistic view of the IT and business landscape.

IT must meet digital ambition

IT is pressured to keep up with digital business ambitions. Accelerating time-to-value requires priority for the entire operating model. With a proper approach and leadership driving change, organizations can achieve more than they ever imagined.

Take the next steps

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Explore the Adoption Framework Domains

Structured around eight capability domains, spanning the people, process and technology components of a cloud operating model, the Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework helps you evaluate where you currently are, and determine the measurable next steps you can take to advance your capability.

  • Strategy | People
  • Operation | Security
  • DevOps | Innovation
  • Data | Applications

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