Financing and asset management services

In your data-driven, digital-first world, you need to create investment capacity to accelerate transformation and stay ahead of what’s next.

HPE Financial Services combines technology insights, financial expertise, and a deep-rooted focus on sustainability to create smarter IT lifecycles for customers and partners of all sizes. Working across the entire tech estate, from edge to cloud to end-user, our collaborative approach delivers asset management solutions that not only free up capital and maximize capacity, but also advance sustainable practices globally and consistently.

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Astellas Pharma enters strategic partnership with HPE Financial Services

HPE Asset Upcycling Services was selected to support sustainability commitments and consistent global quality of service in securely processing and refurbishing end-of-use hardware across multiple brands.

Creating smarter IT lifecycles

During digital transformation, organizations aim to maximize technology within available budget. What is often unexplored is the flexibility to fund these new projects when the IT assets are managed across the entire lifecycle.

HPE Financial Services provides a suite of solutions to sustainably propel your organization’s growth:

  • Bridge your multi-gen IT into a single environment.
  • Retire assets responsibly with options for profit share from upcycled and re-marketed tech.
  • Support compliance with regional sustainability and data regulations through globally consistent processes, secure decommissioning, and transparent chain of custody.

Smarter transformation

Gain working capital from your end-of-use technology to accelerate your transformation. Over the last 5 years since the launch of the HPE Circular Economy Report, by refurbishing for reuse or recycling their IT products, our customers have achieved sizeable environmental impact.

Smarter economics

HPEFS has infused $1.1 billion back into customer budgets over the last 3 years.HPE%20internal%20document-%20%22HPE%20Technology%20Renewal%20Center%20Report%2C%202023%22 Utilize a portfolio approach for your tech investment plan. Asset management services free up capital, maximize capacity, and enable you to get more from your IT budget. 

Smarter sustainable IT

Prioritize re-use over recycling with secure and globally consistent decommissioning services. In 2023, HPEFS processed 9.2 million assets processed through HPE Technology Renewal Centers over the last 3 years, with 86-94% going back into the market for re-use.HPE%20internal%20document-%20%22HPE%20Technology%20Renewal%20Center%20Report%2C%202023%22

Financing and asset management services from edge to cloud

Balance business priorities for the edge

Create new experiences and efficiencies. Pay for the IT that you deploy and grow to the IT you need at the edge.

Modernize IT systems for data

Recover value responsibly from workplace and data center technology. Use the funds to expand innovation for data.

Accelerate your move to the hybrid cloud

Bridge multi-generation infrastructure by leveraging existing and new technologies efficiently. Transition to an as-a-Service model for the hybrid cloud.

Featured financing and asset management services

HPE Extended Deployment Services

Manage your extended IT deployment schedule more efficiently and navigate the uncertainty of forecasting IT demand, or pilot project risk.

HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Recover value from workplace data center technologies securely with globally consistent and environmentally responsible services.

HPE Accelerated Migration Services

Convert existing IT assets into an incremental cash source while converting your systems to an HPE GreenLake as-a-service model.

HPE Risk Mitigation Service

Flexibility to adjust your IT investments based on your changing needs.

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