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Predictive flash storage smart enough to make 86% of problems disappear.1

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The power of predictive

When apps slow down, you’ve hit the app-data gap. HPE Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver greater than 99.9999% guaranteed availability.2 But faster storage alone isn’t enough, because 54% of issues aren’t directly caused by storage.1

Make storage autonomous

HPE InfoSight eliminates headaches and wasted time by transforming how storage is managed and supported. It analyses millions of sensors every second to prevent problems. HPE InfoSight watches over your infrastructure 24/7 so that you don’t have to.

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guaranteed availability across the entire Nimble installed base.2


of issues automatically predicted and resolved.1


of problems resolved are outside of storage.1

Cloud ready when you are ready

Experience Hybrid IT. Easily move data between the public cloud and your data centre with HPE Cloud Volumes.

Cloud on-ramp

Easily move to the cloud with fast data on-ramping and avoid slow, manual migrations.

No lock-in

Use multiple public clouds without the need to migrate data. Avoid lock-in and large data egress charges.

Cloud ready

Easily move data where you need it – whether in the public cloud or in your data centres. HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays are cloud ready.

Value beyond storage

Timeless Storage delivers business value today and tomorrow. Each Nimble Storage array comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Technical overview

All-Flash Arrays

  • 6 TB – 553 TB raw capacity
  • 4 TB – 238 usable capacity
  • 20 TB – 2,045 TB effective capacity [assumes 5:1 data reduction from deduplication and compression]

Adaptive Flash Arrays

  • 11 TB – 1,470 TB raw capacity
  • 7 TB – 1,185 TB  usable capacity
  • 13 TB – 2,371TB effective capacity [assumes 2:1 data reduction from compression]

Secondary Flash Arrays

  • 21 TB – 252 TB raw capacity
  • 16 TB – 200 TB usable capacity
  • 288 TB – 3,600 TB effective capacity [assumes 18:1 data reduction from deduplication and compression]

All-Flash Arrays: 10X performance leap

AFA advances, with 10X performance gains and 2X density, and cost effectiveness coming in 12 months. Learn how these trends will affect your business.

Success with HPE Nimble Storage

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HPE Nimble Storage and Siemens Case Study

When infrastructure doesn’t block innovation

See how HPE Nimble Storage helps Siemens engineers focus on new designs and concepts rather than infrastructure workloads.

Connect with HPE Nimble Storage

Work with HPE Nimble Storage experts to learn how predictive flash storage can benefit your IT strategy and operations.


Data Sheet : HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash Array

Data Sheet

Nimble Storage All-Flash Array with predictive analytics simplifies operations with 99.99999% non-stop availability while lowering storage backup costs.

Data Sheet : HPE Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array

Data Sheet

Discover how Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array enabled architecture delivers fast backup and restores without compromising storage efficiency or production workloads.

Reference Guide : Can Machine Learning Prevent Application Downtime?

Machine Learning Nimble Storage Labs Report
Reference Guide | PDF | 1,39 MB

Improve performance and application availability by closing the app-data gap using data science and machine learning predictive analytics from Nimble Storage.

Data Sheet : HPE Nimble Storage AF1000 All-Flash Array

NS_AFA_RF w-Top_1
Data Sheet

HPE Nimble Storage AF1000 All-Flash Array

Data Sheet : HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array

NS_AFA_Lf w-top_1
Data Sheet

HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array

White Paper : HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash Array

NS_AFA_Front Angle_Glow
White Paper

Discover how the Nimble Storage All-Flash Arrays leverage groundbreaking innovations to provide high performance and consistently low-latency storage.