HPE Data Protection and Retention Solutions

Safeguard business-critical information – simply, reliably and cost-effectively.

Data Protection and Retention Storage Solutions

Improve Application Protection and Recoverability

You can’t manage data unless you have a way to store and protect it. HPE Data Protection and Retention solutions keep your data safe and available while optimising backup and recovery performance. Cost-effectively reduce your risk of data loss and rapid recovery from downtime while helping your business scale and grow to meet future needs.

HPE Modernised Data Protection Solutions

Transform Your Business with Modernised Data Protection

As data centres are modernised and productivity-enhancing applications are introduced, data and information lifecycle management becomes even more critical. HPE provides a wide variety of solutions across the spectrum of data protection – all aligned to your specific business and applications needs. Comprehensive solutions developed by our partner ecosystem help you gain efficiency and innovation that drive greater scalability and integration built upon proven HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver products.

Capabilities of Storage for Data Protection and Retention

HPE Data Protection Solutions For Application Availability

Backup Recovery Software Managed Protection

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in provides tight integration between HPE StoreOnce and backup software ISVs, such as HPE Data Protector and Veeam, enabling you to optimise backup processes and performance.

HPE StoreOnce Converged Data Protection Solutions

Application Managed Protection

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in, combined with native application backup tools for Oracle, SQL Server and SAP HANA, enables deduplication on the application server, and increases data protection efficiency and performance.

HPE StoreEver Converged Data Retention

Flash-Integrated Application Protection

HPE Recovery Manager Central integrates HPE 3PAR StoreServ with HPE StoreOnce to deliver fast, efficient, simple, and reliable protection for your business-critical applications running on all-flash arrays.

Best-In-Class Integrated Solutions Powered by Certified Partners

Our data protection portfolio is deeply integrated with our rich ISV ecosystem. These best-in-class data protection and retention solutions are certified and tested with a documented set of best practices for rapid and worry-free deployment, leading to outstanding scalability from small and midsize businesses to enterprise. Simplify your Storage Lifecycle Policy management and get certified, tested and proven integration between ISV solutions and HPE StoreOnce.

HPE & Veeam Modernises Data Protection in Virtualised Environments

Learn how the integration of HPE 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and StoreEver with Veeam Backup and Replication gives you dramatic improvements in Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and accelerated protection of virtualised environments.

3PAR StoreServ and Veeam Modernise Data Protection

Data Protector Transforms Data Protection Complexity and Scale

Data Protector, through integrations with HPE StoreOnce and HPE 3PAR StoreServ, accelerates the backup process in a cost-efficient, scalable way to provide the best reliability, lowest management complexity, and highest level of innovation.

Veritas NetBackup and HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

Veritas NetBackup Delivers Agile Data Protection

Discover how Veritas NetBackup easily Integrates  for low-cost, reliable data protection and archiving that can help your business react quickly to changing conditions.

Partner Solutions Deliver Speed, Flexibility and Efficiency

HPE Helps Food Industry Giant Navigate Split

When Kraft Foods Group was spun off from Mondelez International, HPE deployed a flexible, cost-effective and innovative IT infrastructure for each company, including storage and backup systems.

Printing Press Manufacturer Enjoys Faster Backups and Data Restoration

Germany-based Heidelberg can now easily administer its backup environment with HPE Data Protector Software and HPE StoreOnce, and has reduced its number of backup tales by 90%.

Fast Backup for a Superstore Chain

HPE and Veeam data protection solutions helped support PGA TOUR Superstore’s rapid retail growth. Today, Veeam backs up 100 VMs (155TB) nighty from HPE 3PAR storage snapshots to HPE StoreOnce for fast recovery.

Data Protection for Mission Critical Applications

HPE storage solutions protect your critical workloads to enable you to simplify data protection, helping you meet aggressive service level objectives and deliver more control and visibility to application owners.

Enhance the Protection of Your Database

Increase SQL Server Data Protection Efficiency

HPE StoreOnce provides SQL Server DBAs with complete control over both backup and recovery, greatly simplifying administration, reducing cost, and enhancing data protection.

Modernise Oracle Data Protection

HPE StoreOnce HPE StoreOnce provides Oracle DBAs faster backup and accelerated recovery of databases.

Enable Fast, Simple, and Affordable SAP HANA Protection

HPE Recovery Manager Central combines the benefits of backups and snapshots in an application-managed, storage-integrated data protection solution for SAP HANA.


Solution Brief : Protecting Microsoft SQL Server

Solution Brief

Increasing SQL Server backup efficiency with HPE StoreOnce

Brochure : Protect your SAP HANA Database with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in and HPE Recovery Manager Central


Protect your SAP HANA Database with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in and HPE Recovery Manager Central

Brochure : Enhance Data Protection with HPE Storage and CommVault Simpana


Enhance data protection with HPE Storage and Commvault Software

Brochure : StoreOnce and Veritas NetBackup


StoreOnce and Veritas NetBackup

Solution Brief : Protect Your Data from Malicious Ransomware Threats

Solution Brief

Protect Your Data from Malicious Ransomware Threats