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Protect your data, protect your business

You’ve graduated to the next level.  Customer data is your biggest asset in creating unique experiences but at the same time the risk of losing that data is your biggest liability.  In today’s digital workplace, IT is a challenge and you need to ensure your employees have secure, controlled means of backing up files and application data, so your business is not vulnerable to common attacks. HPE file and data backup and data security solutions will help your business alleviate and monitor against known and unknown threats so that you can focus on growth.

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Protect against the unknown to keep your business running

If you’re using laptops, PCs or even online cloud software to share and store critical data, you could be heading for some unexpected downtime. PCs crash. Laptops get stolen. Internet connections go down. If any one of these scenarios could put you out of business for a few hours – or a few days – it’s time to consider upgrading to server computing. HPE file and data backup solutions for small and midsized businesses help you achieve important business outcomes while saving time and money.

Better-together file and data backup storage solutions

You’re giving your business everything you’ve got. Don’t let backup storage and file backup problems get in the way. HPE Small Business Solutions for File and Backup help you achieve important business outcomes. Keep the business running with a central location for files, automated data backup storage, virus protection and optional HPE Secure Encryption. Increase productivity by making files, email and collaboration tools accessible from any device, making it easier for employees to share and collaborate.

Simplicity that boosts productivity

Pre-configured HPE ProLiant Tower ML and HPE ProLiant Rack DL servers and software are easy to deploy. HPE Integrated Lights out (iLO) server management software enables local and remote monitoring and management. And HPE SMB Setup Software, part of intelligent provisioning, provides a simple, guided process for installation that takes less time and reduces the chance of errors.


Security that helps you sleep at night

Protect against attacks and quickly recover from downtime with built-in security features from HPE ProLiant Gen10, the world’s most secure industry-standard servers. Running Windows Server on HPE ProLiant reduces security risks and disruptions. Add peace of mind with file backup and archiving storage options and protect data at rest with HPE Secure Encryption.

Efficiency and affordability that puts an end to overspend

Low-cost HPE Small Business Solutions make IT more accessible and easier to consume. And HPE Subscription offers a worry-free, flexible option that packages best-in-class hardware, software, accessories and services into a predictable monthly payment.

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