Data intelligence

Transform data into intelligence

Build a modern, data-first business and take advantage of AI and ML to unlock the business value of data and transform data into intelligence. Modernize and accelerate your data infrastructure to simplify data management complexities with ease.

See how the adoption of a modern data infrastructure platform enables Stelmet to sustain their growth and meet the changing needs of the business.

How do you accelerate as a data-first business and unlock your data’s value? The answer – you need the right data-first modernization strategy, have tangible ways to tackle data management complexity head-on, and be able to fuel analytics insights and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) initiatives at scale. That is how you turn data into intelligence.

Turn data into intelligence

How to modernize data-first

Data-first modernization will transform your business. As you start your journey and understand the role of legacy data platforms and the framework needed across edge to cloud, you can access new sources of funding from your end-of-life technology. This asset upcycling frees up residual value capital from IT assets to power your journey to data-first modernization.

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Evolve your data platforms to a cloud operating model

Break down data-first transformation into simple steps to accelerate your path to a data-driven organization.

Extract value in a more environmentally responsible way

Recover value from any HPE or third-party workplace or data center technologies, in a secure, globally consistent and more environmentally responsible way.

How to simplify data management

Simplifying data management requires seamless access to data across edge to cloud with enterprise grade governance, security and availability so you can run any app efficiently. The challenges with data management have grown as IT resources and data have begun to span across edge to cloud. Your data scientists, engineers and other data consumers need the data that has been harnessed from silos to be turned into intelligence to make smart decisions. They can only do this if data management is simplified.

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Run any app without compromise

Simplify data management and maximize infrastructure efficiency via AI-managed, self-service block storage.

Accelerate your most demanding, data-intensive apps

Leverage enterprise-grade, scale-out file storage to empower your data science teams and speed time to insight.

Power your data from edge to cloud

Stop managing infrastructure and start accessing and utilizing it, as a service and on demand.

Access your data seamlessly across edge to cloud

Increase data accuracy and control across edge to cloud with a unified data layer.

How to unlock value from your data

Unlocking more value from your data requires a 360 degree view, unified access for integration and analysis, and efficient running of applications and allocation of resources. Determining the right foundation for your data, across edge to cloud, helps you create, configure and manage large data and analytic systems. Modernizing data-first will unlock untapped value in your data.

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A modern compute experience

Streamline your processes and improve application performance with a cost-effective, workload-optimized solution.

Bring performance to your workloads and resources

A pay-per-useMay%20be%20subject%20to%20minimums., fast, flexible compute infrastructure offering workload- and cost-optimized configurations.

Accelerate compute-intensive workloads

Unlock more value from your data by accelerating your compute-intensive workloads flexibly and efficiently.

Unify different data sources and data types

Ingest data from your current infrastructure and accelerate insights from edge to cloud.

Transform your legacy storage environment

Insights to help you prepare for a full migration to a new storage platform, on time and within budget.

How to uncover hidden insights

Uncovering insights hidden in your data isn’t easy. The scale needed to analyze more of your data requires minimal code rewrites or infrastructure changes, as well as a decentralized, privacy-preserving approach. You need AI models that can take you from idea to impact seamlessly, while increasing accuracy and reducing bias. This will help turn your data, across edge to cloud, into intelligence, bringing those hidden insights to light.

Explore ways to solve by watching a quick solution video, read the ebook or dive into products that help solve your data needs.

Automate complex ML and data pipelines.

Uncover hidden insights with a data pipelining and versioning solution that automates data pipelines and accelerates time to ML model production by processing petabyte-scale workloads.

Train ML models at enterprise scale

Uncover hidden insights from your data by helping engineers and data scientists collaborate, build more accurate ML models and train them faster.

Operationalize AI and ML at scale

Connect users and their tools to the right data with a unified platform for analytics and ML.

HPE GreenLake, the open and secure edge-to-cloud platform

Complete your solution with a hybrid cloud operating model across all your workloads and data. HPE GreenLake - the cloud operating experience you have always wanted – flexible and scalable, combining security, visibility and ease of management.

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Protect data from ransomware attacks on premises and in the cloud with an efficient, cost-optimized storage, delivered as a service.


Secure your unified compute operations with zero-trust enabled architectures. Achieve continuous, automatic protection of your infrastructure, OS, platforms and workloads.


Identify devices connecting to your network, authenticate and authorize them, and uniformly apply a robust policy across your wireless, wired and VPN connections.


Preserve data integrity and privacy with built-in security and trusted blockchain technology for distributed machine learning.


Protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills. Boost your cloud security with regular threat assessments and cybersecurity trainings.