Software-defined is the foundation of managing IT infrastructure

Use automation as the foundation of your modern datacenter when you transform servers, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure. HPE OneView takes a software-defined approach to managing IT infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Manage your HPE OneView infrastructure from anywhere

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management - OneView Edition, an add-on subscription service, aggregates HPE OneView connections through the HPE GreenLake platform, a centralized, cloud-based console, allowing for multi-site management support, reporting and analytics of HPE OneView appliance and connected infrastructure devices.

Transform to software-defined automation

Software-defined intelligence enables automated provisioning with repeatable templates that ensure high reliability, consistency, and control—leading to lower operating expenses.

Compose for any workload

IT administrators can easily compose on-premises physical infrastructure. The physical infrastructure of the data center is defined using software—making it programmable and able to be managed as code through one unified API.

Connect from core to cloud

HPE OneView provides IT administrators the ability to connect their software-defined infrastructure from core to cloud by provisioning turnkey private cloud infrastructure with a diverse partner ecosystem.

Software partner integration

HPE provides verified integration with a broad range of best-in-class software partner tools to enable your IT automation initiatives across cloud, including DevOps, containers, automation operations, and facilities management.

Test out HPE OneView through an interactive demo

HPE OneView helps IT deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, and increase productivity. Take a test drive through various scenarios using a guided and interactive demo.

Get a free trial of HPE OneView

Try HPE OneView in your environment with a 60-day instant free trial. Get the software and start using it today with this trial software download. Begin today by evaluating how to put your IT operations firmly on the path toward a composable future.

Download and get a license

Download HPE OneView for your environment as HPE OneView supports HPE's broad portfolio of servers, storage, and networking solutions. In addition, HPE OneView integrates with a wide selection of partner cloud tools across your hybrid infrastructure.

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