Density-Optimised Servers

Optimised for the most demanding high-performance computing (HPC) and advanced data analytics workloads.

More Power in a Smaller Footprint

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s line of density-optimised servers have evolved to deliver OPEX savings (power/cooling, space) while boosting system performance. Get more compute power. Scale-up and scale out more simply with faster provisioning. Minimise footprint, TCO and server sprawl.

Powerful computing with multiple systems on a chip (SoC). Speed of provisioning and time to service is increased with built-in fibre and software for connectivity, scalability and adaptability. Make your move toward modular, hyper scale and ultra-converged infrastructure.

Massive Data Performance

When massive data demands the pinnacle of super-computing, you need HPE Apollo. This high-density server family delivers breakthrough performance with efficient rack-scale compute, storage, networking, power and cooling for your most demanding HPC, massive data analytics and object storage workloads. HPE Apollo combines a modular design with innovative power distribution and air-and-liquid-cooling techniques to provide up to four times more performance per square foot than standard rack servers. With HPE Apollo high-density servers, the data-driven organisation accelerates time to value.

Workload-Specific Performance 

For application or task-specific needs, HPE Moonshot is a ground-breaking system that redefines convergence and performance vs. economics. As versatile as it is energy-efficient, HPE Moonshot is engineered, tested and integrated for peak workload-specific performance. Forget complicated custom builds. HPE Moonshot’s unique modular design handles specific needs with a broad choice of accelerating cartridges. Gain an advantage in speed and quality of service delivery for web serving, hosted desktops, video transcoding, application delivery, real-time data processing and more.

Density-Optimised Portfolio

HPE Apollo Server Systems

Designed to address the needs of lightly-threaded HPC applications, it offers high per-thread performance, robust network bandwidth and rack-level shared infrastructure.

HPE Moonshot System

Get modular scalability with less space, less power consumption and less complexity. The ultra-converged HPE Moonshot delivers workload-optimisation with breakthrough economics.


Article : Les solutions HPC dynamisent l'innovation : un calcul intensif hautement efficace adapté à toutes les tailles.


Combinez la puissante d'une infrastructure de calcul haute performance leader du marché à des systèmes et solutions hautement efficaces pour résoudre tout problème scientifique, d'ingénierie ou d'analyse de données, quelle que soit la taille de la structure.

Solution Brief : Découvrez HPE Apollo : le calcul haute performance (HPC) et le superordinateur repensés

Solution Brief

L'heure est venue d'envisager des solutions modulaires puissantes, capables de repousser toutes les limites de l'informatique haute performance et de la collecte de données.