Data center networking and architecture for digital transformation

Data center networks are evolving rapidly as organizations embark on digital initiatives to transform their businesses. At HPE, we know that IT managers see networking as critical to realizing the potential of the new, high-performing applications at the heart of these initiatives.

Actionable insights with distributed analytics

Perform intelligent monitoring, detect problems in real time, and predict security and performance issues using Aruba CX switches, which include an integrated Network Analytics Engine (NAE).

Mastering complexity with automation

Simplify the management of your network with automation choices for today and the future. Aruba NetEdit provides turnkey automation. Full programmability enables the use of orchestration tools and custom software.

An always-on network infrastructure

CX switches run AOS-CX, a modular and resilient network operating system. Aruba VSX offers a simple yet robust solution for live upgrades of AOS-CX with zero downtime.