HPE Edge-to-Cloud Transformation Program

Improve business outcomes with a modern operating model that allows data to reside where created and be turned into intelligence that drives your digital ambitions.

Transform to your ideal cloud operating model

Learn how we help you evaluate your organizational capabilities and readiness to adopt a cloud enabled operating model. To accelerate your ability to meet identified transformation objectives, we help to identify maturity gaps, uncover blockers and develop an actionable road map to prepare your people, processes and technology.

Assess cloud maturity

Evaluate the maturity of your operational capabilities against the eight domains of the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework. Develop an actionable roadmap, including executable backlogs, to achieve the desired level of maturity that supports your business outcome.

Align your teams

The Transformation Business Office establishes a cross-functional governance and decision-making body to drive and sustain transformation efforts and accelerate goal achievement.

Transformation realization

Partnering to enable capabilities and technologies that fulfill the transformation roadmap includes defining edge-to-cloud strategy, target operating model execution, development and implementation of solution architectures and technology solutions, modernization of critical applications or platforms, and migration workloads to the new current state operating paradigm.

Our customers

Success-proof path to hybrid cloud

The transformation journey is better with the right guidance, a detailed plan, a benchmark and the edge-to-cloud experts on your side.

Each organization is different with unique needs, we have built this model to fit yours.

Three keys to successfully unlock the transition from assessment to operation

The transition between assessment and operations is one of the greatest challenges an organization faces when implementing transformation. By selecting a fully engaged sponsor and building a strong foundation an organization can mitigate failure while increasing momentum of an operational hybrid cloud business office.

Why choose HPE?

Learn the top 5 reasons to choose HPE to guide you through the complexities of enterprise transformation through our established, industry-recognized framework that accelerates the adoption of a modern cloud operating model.

Take the next steps

Start your edge-to-cloud transformation journey with the HPE experts.

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