HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Recover value from any HPE or third-party workplace or data center technologies, in a secure, globally consistent, and environmentally responsible way.

Decommission and retire tech with upcycling in mind with HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Re-think how you retire your end-of-use tech with HPE Asset Upcycling Services. Learn how to extract value from your IT while supporting sustainability for a win-win strategy.

Decommission and retire tech with the circular economy in mind

Utilizing HPE Tech Renewal Centers, the largest IT manufacturer owned refurbishing centers in the world, customers recover value from legacy data center, workplace, print and edge technology, regardless of manufacturer, in a secure, globally consistent, and environmentally friendly manner.

Drive your sustainability strategy with reuse over recycle

Ensure that your assets and financial plans align. Reduce funding barriers and create incremental budget with capital released from your end-of-use tech. By aligning IT tech plans with sustainability goals, you drive efficiency, reduce overprovisioning and minimize e-waste.

Recover value from legacy tech securely and sustainably

Removing funding barriers means that you can proactively prepare for modernization and expansion. Over the last three years, we’ve returned over $1.1B to our customers’ budget with our HPEFS asset solutions. HPEFS makes it easy for you to structure expenses in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

Know your impact and contribution to the circular economy

Demonstrating your impact as a force for good is easy with the HPE Circular Economy Report. This personalized report can help you to better establish transparent tracking and metrics of your efforts against your financial goals and sustainability to share with stakeholders.

Prioritize reuse over recycle of your IT assets

Propel your organization forward with new innovations, more efficient infrastructure and cost controls.  Better manage multi-gen IT environments, blend old tech with new and propel your data first modernization programs forward.

Using sustainability to drive global impact and business value

Sustainability has shifted from a nice-to-have to a business imperative. Daniel Newman (Futurum) and Paul Sheeran (HPEFS) explore how introducing circularity into your tech estate can help accelerate innovation.

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