Simplify IT with intelligent HCI solutions

Power all of your apps across your hybrid IT estate while streamlining operations, consolidating workloads and protecting your data with HPE hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Together with HPE’s ecosystem of partners, HPE offers a market-leading portfolio of HCI solutions available as a service through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform experience

Powered by software-defined infrastructure, HPE hyperconverged solutions simplify your IT environment and drive agility with a cloud-like experience – all via HPE GreenLake. Our cloud service offerings pair the flexibility of cloud with on-prem control and they’re optimised to provide you with a choice in terms of selecting the right solution for your workloads. From general-purpose to business-critical applications, across virtualised and containerised apps, and for both small- and large-scale environments, you have the freedom to determine the right architecture for your apps.

Simplify your IT stack

Get the infrastructure you need, tailored to your business, your VMs and your budget. With HPE GreenLake for HCI, your IT stack is easy to deploy, easy to upgrade and easy to manage through a single interface. Plus, procurement and support are simplified by working with a single trusted source.

Optimise your data centre footprint

Hyperconverged infrastructure combines compute, storage, networking and hypervisor with data services inside a single chassis or hyperconverged node. This infrastructure is ideal for edge and remote office/branch office (ROBO) use cases and provides a scalable, simplified and cloud-native architecture across your hybrid environment.

Lower IT costs

With the HPE GreenLake platform, you can boost efficiency and manage risk with no upfront costs or wasted spend on overprovisioning. Variable monthly payments are based on your actual usage above your reserve capacity, with HPE managing and metering your usage for you. Easily align cash flow to usage, while you maintain visibility and control of your data.

Built-in solutions for backup and more

Improve the management, efficiency and performance of virtualised workloads with built-in data protection and inline deduplication and compression. With virtual machine (VM) backups, multi-site replication, recovery and cloning, and disaster recovery (DR) included, many core data protection features come as standard as part of the HPE GreenLake platform for HCI.


Depending on your use case, hypervisor preference and workload demands, the HPE GreenLake platform and our ecosystem partners have solutions to meet your needs. You can order, receive and implement resources quickly across your hybrid IT estate and grow capacity ahead of demand. Variable monthly payments are based on metered usage above your reserve, and you have transparent visibility into your costs and usage in near-real time with HPE GreenLake Central.

HPE GreenLake for HCI

Build your self-service cloud on demand wherever you need it: Get hybrid cloud VMs – including AWS VMs – delivered as a service, with a cloud operational experience, unified cloud-based management and predictable monthly payments.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

Harness HCI’s simplicity and consistency for business-critical workloads that previously required complex three-tier infrastructure. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI combines the performance and efficiency of disaggregated infrastructure with the ease of use of hyperconverged for all your workloads.

HPE SimpliVity

The ideal solution for edge, remote office, branch office, virtual desktop (VDI) and general virtualisation use cases, HPE SimpliVity combines VM-centric management and mobility, built-in backup and DR, and game-changing data efficiency.

HPE GreenLake for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Get reliable solid performance and high availability for HCI – all through a pay-per-use model, using native Azure experience and capabilities. This solution features a choice of ready-to-go validated configurations, based on specific HPE technologies that are tested, optimised and validated with Azure Stack HCI OS.

HPE GreenLake for Nutanix

Highly scalable, available and efficient cloud services are delivered by HPE GreenLake for Nutanix, which offers industry-leading HCI software that supports your business-critical workloads, enabling end-user computing, ROBO environments, database management, dev/test, Big Data analytics, and more.