Level up your digital transformation

Businesses are using high performance computing (HPC) to take on previously unimaginable challenges. Find out how it could help you leverage your data to streamline operations and launch innovative services.

Solve the impossible with HPC

HPC is transforming enterprises across industries, from energy providers to software solutions.

Developing autonomous car development

Mercedes-Benz AG is deploying HPC to process millions of miles of vehicle test data, bringing them closer than ever to building autonomous vehicles.

Intel and HPE: Solutions for today’s data demands

Maximize what your infrastructure can do

The strategic HPC alliance of HPE and Intel solidifies our long-term commitment to high performance computing (HPC) and delivers the benefits of HPC to all organizations. The partnership uses our combined resources to help organizations leverage HPC technologies—including multiprocessing and parallel processing—to drive innovation.

Intel and HPE have a long history of developing tried, tested solutions in collaboration together. Their forward trajectory is also well aligned, with HPE focusing on offering everything aaS by 2022, supported by Intel technologies. This will help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation as they come out of the pandemic, enabling them to get out in front of the competition, meet the demands of new customers and market dynamics.