Tech Refresh

What is Tech Refresh?

Tech refresh is the cycle of regularly updating key elements of your IT infrastructure to maximize system performance. Instead of using systems until they can no longer function, many companies choose to upgrade or replace certain infrastructure on a regular schedule. This process is often referred to as "tech refresh."

Why tech refresh?

Maintaining legacy infrastructure can be costly. Outdated data center technology leads to lagging performance and service delivery, inefficiencies in energy and space consumption, and bloated administrative overhead. Meanwhile, the costs of maintaining aging IT assets and risks of failure grow, adding to companies’ concerns and budget challenges.

HPE Tech Refresh - Product and Services

Purchasing new IT infrastructure and upgrading it in three or four years can be financially daunting for most organizations. Typically, such purchases must be depreciated over a period of five to seven years. Upgrading sooner can lead to budget penalties and is usually discouraged by finance organizations.

HPE's technology refresh program replaces ownership with predictable monthly or quarterly payments and provides for a shorter, routine refresh cycle every 24 to 48 months. You can keep your finance department happy, maintain control over your IT, and better meet the demands of the rest of the enterprise.

IT investment solutions: One-size-fits-all funding models aren’t cut out for IT transformation. Rethink the way you acquire, pay for, and use IT.

Tech refresh program: An IT investment strategy can help your business gain the flexibility, speed, and control needed to accelerate innovation and growth.

IT advisory services: Design the transformation and build a roadmap tuned to your unique challenges