Storage for SAP

A comprehensive portfolio of primary storage and data protection solutions for SAP, an integral part of your complete SAP/SAP HANA infrastructure.

The right storage is key to SAP HANA success

Storage is an essential part of SAP HANA infrastructure, and to meet the needs of SAP HANA, storage needs to be performant, and highly available and scalable. All-flash storage is the right way to go. Old school media can’t match its performance, efficiency, or TCO.

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Storage for both SAP and SAP HANA

You should choose storage that can be used for SAP and SAP HANA to protect your investments. Make sure that the storage infrastructure you choose for your traditional SAP environments can be moved to SAP HANA.

Choose the leader in SAP and SAP HANA

Don’t go piecemeal. HPE has an unmatched portfolio of HANA storage solutions. Don’t go with fly-by-nights. HPE has deployed SAP solutions for three decades and SAP HANA solutions for seven years, since first availability. We have installed more of SAP and SAP HANA than anyone else in the industry. And we have the best all-flash storage platform certified for HANA.1 Choose the most comprensive portfolio and the unmatched SAP HANA experience of HPE to make your transition successful.


Storage has to keep up. Meet the performance objectives for your entire HANA infrastructure environment with highly performant all-flash storage for SAP HANA.


Meet your SAP availability objectives. Our all-flash storage offers excellent availability for SAP HANA: HPE Nimble and HPE 3PAR arrays offer six nines availability, and HPE XP7 storage offers 100% data availability or seven nines availability.


Get performance, scalability, and availability at a competitive TCO. 3PAR all-flash is the most efficient all-flash storage for SAP HANA.1

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All-flash architecture

All-flash is the right storage infrastructure for HANA: it offers the high bandwidth and low latency to service a very wide range of IO, including the write-dominated, large IO patterns of SAP HANA. This helps to meet SAP HANA performance KPIs with a fraction of resources, reducing drive count, footprint, power and cooling.

Key components of SAP storage

Primary storage

All-flash storage is the right technology to meet the performance, availability, and scalability needs of SAP HANA. Spinning or HDD-based media will not keep up with performance or efficiency demands – and come with a higher TCO in the end.

Data protection

Data protection solutions help to mitigate disaster issues that arise. They should include snapshot-based backup technology, because traditional backup is too slow to keep up with SAP HANA. HPE has industry leading, integrated snapshot-based data protection.


All-flash eliminates the need to deploy and maintain separate storage silos for different QoS levels. You can enhance QoS levels without service disruption, pre-planning, or the need to purchase separate arrays to support different service levels.

HPE and SAP case studies

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Symmetry Delivers SAP Cloud-hosted Solutions

Symmetry provides SAP HANA’s latest advantages

Leading IT managed services and hosting provider Symmetry delivers SAP cloud-hosted solutions with built-in security, quality, and affordability. The integrated, single-source solution delivers a robust cloud option from SAP-certified experts.

JK Tyre rolls out fast migration to SAP HANA

Indian tire giant JK Tyre replaced its aging UNIX-Oracle platform with an HPE ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA in just one month, achieving up to 20X faster reporting, slashing cycle times in half and reducing drive backups from six hours to instantaneous.

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Dansk Supermarked group uses in-store retail analytics

Dansk emphasises lean agility to compete internationally. It transformed an IT bottleneck into an engine of in-store retail analytics and business agility, resulting in increased revenues and reduced waste.

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Pharma distributor boosts capacity and performance

Multipharma’s 50% growth caused performance issues. Its new SAP HANA solution enables high quality customer service even as data volumes soar.

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Global retailer increases retail operations efficiency

Lithuania-based Maxima streamlined business processes and supply chain logistics to improve efficiency serving retail customers across 500 stores.

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The best all-flash array for SAP HANA

Taneja Group concludes that HPE best meets SAP HANA workloads requirements, and has a compelling case for being best-in-class.

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