HPE and NVIDIA: Powering next generation AI

Together, we deliver innovative end-to-end solutions for supercomputing, enterprise computing, and the future of AI.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise debuts end-to-end AI-native portfolio for Generative AI

Enterprise-class co-designed software and hardware solutions from HPE and NVIDIA accelerate development and deployment of GenAI applications.

Accelerate your AI initiatives with HPE and NVIDIA

Discover co-engineered solutions for supercomputing and AI with industry-leading technologies from HPE and NVIDIA that bring AI capabilities from edge to cloud. We combine proven, easy, reliable, and secure IT deployments from HPE with world-class NVIDIA GPUs, networking, and software solutions to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

HPE and NVIDIA deliver innovative and expertly integrated AI software, systems, and services that are designed to accelerate data-first modernization across hybrid cloud environments. Our purpose-built solutions are the building blocks for today’s AI workloads and the promise of GenAI.

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AI can turn questions into discovery, insights into action, and imagination into reality — but harnessing massive amounts of varied, distributed data for AI requires a new breed of architecture.

HPE and NVIDIA have introduced a unique full-stack proposition that combines industry-leading AI software and infrastructure to drive impact at any scale. Our AI-native architecture is simple to deploy and manage, making it the right fit for any stage of your AI journey. This breakthrough solution enables you to adopt AI across training, tuning, and inferencing — from our proven expertise in building systems designed for extreme scale and performance, to implementing and integrating models into existing environments, all the way to high-throughput edge solutions.

HPE’s enterprise solution for GenAI is a game-changing solution for enterprises of all sizes. Each component is tuned for edge or data center deployments, powered by an ultra-scalable architecture that features cutting-edge AI software, exceptional compute, pretrained foundation models, and comprehensive services to help you quickly develop production applications. GPU-enabled applications deliver greater inferencing performance to maximize the impact of GenAI.

The new solution integrates HPE Machine Learning Development Environment SoftwareHPE Ezmeral SoftwareHPE ProLiant Compute, and HPE Cray Supercomputing with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite (including the NVIDIA NeMo framework). The result is our enterprise solution for GenAI, which is expertly engineered to enable faster AI outcomes and greater inferencing performance to maximize the impact of GenAI across your business. This technology evolution is powering common GenAI use cases such as conversational search, business process automation, and content creation. HPE can help you get started using your purpose-built GenAI solution. HPE AI Services — Generative AI Discovery is a two-hour session conducted by HPE AI experts where you learn about best practices, strategic guidelines, and developing a high-level implementation plan.

HPE and NVIDIA are committed to defining and optimizing infrastructure for the next era of AI to maximize your time and investment. Here is how you can benefit today and for years to come:

  • Data-first pipeline to manage public and proprietary data across multi-generational IT.
  • AI lifecycle management software to accelerate workflows for training, tuning, and inferencing.
  • Hybrid by design to run AI anywhere from edge to cloud with data protection.
  • Supercomputing DNA built into the entire portfolio, sustainable by design, to train the largest models.
  • Open ecosystem for freedom of choice with no lock-in.

Are you ready to use AI to achieve real advantages for your business? Let's turn your AI strategy into successful projects.

Streamline GenAI production

Speed time to value for GenAI with a full-stack AI-native tuning and inferencing solution designed for the enterprise.

Hybrid cloud for AI

Hybrid cloud for AI

Hybrid cloud has emerged as the prevailing operating model that includes a combination of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud. Becoming hybrid is more than using a public cloud or private cloud for your AI workloads. It is about choosing the right operating model to deliver an optimized cloud experience everywhere.

HPE makes it simple to implement a complete hybrid cloud solution through HPE GreenLake. HPE GreenLake is designed to unlock the power of AI, wherever your applications and data live. Its “hybrid by design” approach enables you to move data seamlessly across locations, deployment models, and multi-generational IT without additional costs or vendor lock-in. Organizations can purchase and consume a broad portfolio of platform-based services, including a modern private cloud, and utilize HPE expertise as well as our vast partner ecosystem that delivers unique business outcomes and SLAs.

HPE GreenLake provides common functionality for business, IT, and data teams by eliminating the need to build custom private clouds for each application or service — and by connecting data and technology resources across data centers, colocations, and clouds.

This hybrid cloud platform offers important capabilities:

  • Make data and AI work in hybrid cloud: Connect and unify your data, operationalize AI/ML across hybrid landscapes to eliminate silos, securely utilize data/AI, and control costs of managing and storing data.
  • Bring cloud agility everywhere: Set up a modern private cloud that connects to your public clouds and brings the hallmarks of a cloud experience across all your IT.
  • Simplify hybrid cloud operations: Deliver AIOps-powered observability, energy efficiency, governance, security, compliance, and faster performance at a lower cost.

    HPE GreenLake is a proven, cost-effective solution to overcome today’s data and AI challenges and prepare for the future. Implement HPE and NVIDIA AI solutions today using hybrid cloud with the flexibility to consume services on a pay-per-use or subscription basis.

Developing and consuming AI use cases across edge to cloud

Discover how HPE Edge-to-Cloud Transformation Framework enables you to be more successful with AI/ML pilots and takes your transformation to the next level with confidence.

AI edge to cloud

AI edge to cloud

As AI becomes more pervasive, it also creates unique problems that can hinder innovation. Organizations often face challenges with enterprise-grade deployments including risk, slowdowns in performance, and limited scaling capacity.

Learning how to optimize AI is key to unleashing faster insights and enabling better outcomes across multiple clouds and edges. It can increase visibility, control, and automation across every operating location, system, and device. It is a critical step for powering hundreds of AI applications that promise to revolutionize the way we think, work, collaborate, and grow.

Organizations need agile and scalable solutions that can streamline the development of AI as well as the management and evolution of AI technologies. HPE and NVIDIA are helping organizations succeed by delivering integrated AI solutions that extend from edge to cloud. We make it simple to build an environment that is agile, reliable, and AI-ready to overcome common “last mile” problems.

HPE and NVIDIA offer an extensive portfolio of optimized AI solutions that provide exceptional performance, management capabilities, and consumption flexibility to accelerate transformation and capitalize on the value of AI — to gain competitive advantage now and in the future. Our purpose-built solutions combine leading HPE systems powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs and supercomputing-grade networking, storage, and software from HPE and NVIDIA. These innovative technologies deliver unmatched performance to harness AI from edge to cloud and deliver a robust foundation to pioneer a changing world.

Accelerate and de-risk AI projects as you break new ground in supercomputing and AI:

  • Act on your data, wherever it lives: Unify your data by securely and seamlessly integrating all your applications and infrastructure.
  • Uncover real time insights: Deploy an edge-to-cloud architecture with AI to gain critical insights faster and make strategic decisions when it matters most.
  • Gain a competitive edge: Utilize the latest supercomputing and AI technologies to maximize efficiencies and get better business value from your data.
  • Take control of your environment: Adopt HPE GreenLake to centralize insights and operations across edges, datacenters, colocations, and public clouds.

Unleash your potential with HPE GreenLake

Learn how you can deliver improved customer experiences, turn new opportunities into revenue, and drive better business outcomes.

AI software

AI software

HPE and NVIDIA are reimagining what infrastructure can do by deploying a comprehensive software layer on top of our industry-leading hardware solutions. We bring together the latest software innovations to optimize and expand the use of AI across hybrid environments. When combined, our purpose-built tools deliver increased agility, reliability, and control to support the entire AI lifecycle.

HPE Machine Learning Development Environment helps organizations build transformative AI applications faster and at scale by removing much of the complexity and cost associated with AI/ML model development and making it easier for IT to set up, manage, secure, and share AI compute clusters.

HPE Ezmeral Software enables you to build and run AI applications on-premises and in the cloud. Integrated with HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, HPE Ezmeral creates a future-proof SaaS foundation for AI that can adapt and scale with the needs of your business. New enhancements are available to further simplify and accelerate model training and tuning with an end-to-end platform that seamlessly operates across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software is a comprehensive new offering for data engineering, data science, and data analytics delivered through SaaS. While competitive offerings often require you to incur significant costs to move data to the cloud for analysis, HPE Ezmeral is hybrid by design and deployable across edge, colocation, on-premises, and public cloud.

The software suite offers new GPU-aware capabilities to streamline deployment and accelerate data preparation for AI workloads. You can optimize NVIDIA GPU allocations across workloads and users to shorten time to value throughout the entire AI lifecycle with the power of a hybrid data lakehouse.
NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics software for rapid deployment, management, and scaling of AI workloads in the modern hybrid cloud. It enables and provides the tools and frameworks for AI practitioners, developers, and data scientists to clean data and prepare it for training, perform the training of neural networks, optimize the model for inference, and deploy it at scale. Combining NVIDIA AI Enterprise software with offerings that make application deployment simpler than ever before. These offerings include: NVIDIA Metropolis - an application framework, set of developer tools, and partner ecosystem that brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across a broad range of industries. NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a software development platform for connecting and building generative AI-enabled 3D pipelines, tools, applications, and services. NVIDIA® RIVA is a GPU-accelerated multilingual speech and translation AI software development kit for building fully customizable, real time conversational AI pipelines.

Unlocking the value of your data across edge to cloud

Explore a broad portfolio of software solutions that provide global data visibility, boost productivity, and enable faster AI/ML outcomes.

AI systems

AI systems

HPE and NVIDIA are accelerating innovation at scale, with a new generation of supercomputing delivered on-premises and in the cloud. We have decades of experience in building legendary systems and technology for the world’s greatest thinkers, makers, and doers. Now, we are empowering organizations to disrupt and lead their industries with the next era of AI systems.

Our supercomputers are reaching new heights in performance and efficiency — including Alps at the Swiss National Computing Center, Venado at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Champollion in Grenoble, France. Today, the same technologies used by the world’s largest and fastest machines are available in smaller configurations for the enterprise.

NVIDIA-Certified HPE systems bring together robust HPE servers, the latest NVIDIA GPUs, and NVIDIA networking in optimized configurations that are validated for speed, manageability, security, and scale and backed by enterprise-grade support from our global team of experts. We ensure that each solution can meet the performance and functionality requirements for AI. These systems are purpose-built for accelerated computing workloads of any size and at scale, so organizations can confidently run real-world applications for AI training and inference, data science algorithms, video analytics, advanced simulation, and modeling.

HPE Cray Supercomputers are designed to unlock the next frontier of discovery, innovation, and achievement. Today’s science, technology, and big data questions are bigger, more complex, and more urgent than ever. HPE Cray Supercomputing is trusted by leading scientists and researchers around the world to meet these challenges.


HPE ProLiant Gen11 Servers are engineered for a hybrid world, delivering optimized performance to power your AI initiatives and accelerate AI outcomes. Servers are certified and tuned for edge or data center deployments targeting computer vision inference, GenAI, and NLP.


HPE Apollo Systems are built for demanding HPC and AI applications. Systems deliver exactly the right amount of performance and adaptability with flexible configurations that are density-optimized to be more accessible and customizable than ever before.

NVIDIA-Certified HPE Systems

NVIDIA-Certified HPE Systems bring together the best of HPE and NVIDIA infrastructure to deliver an optimized, agile, and reliable solution.

AI services

AI services

HPE experts are available to simplify and accelerate edge-to-cloud transformation. We deliver the right technologies, tools, and services to help you maximize IT investments and unleash the power of AI.

HPE Services are designed to take you from planning to deployment and beyond. The extensive portfolio of advisory and professional offerings for AI and hybrid cloud can advance your AI journey — from edge to cloud — whether you are looking to implement new use cases or are just getting started. Our experts work with you to overcome the barriers to AI:

  • We build: Work with HPE experts to develop and deploy your AI solution from end-to-end.
  • We optimize: Bring your own AI model and HPE will optimize it for you.
  • We integrate: Integrate leading partner solutions into your environment.

HPE AI Services guide you through the entire AI lifecycle, from GenAI and LLM discovery to implementation, where you develop the optimum operational models and hybrid cloud data strategies needed to build, deploy, and scale solutions into transformative results. Learn how our AI professionals use your business objectives and desired outcomes to select the GenAI models and technical resources needed for your project. Once you identify a use case and the related data, the next step is to experiment with the implementation, measure the value generated, and bring it to the core of your business. You have access to a broad set of offerings with HPE AI Services – GenAI Implementation to meet your specific requirements. HPE AI experts can even implement the model for you and optimize it for inference, resulting in a ready-to-use solution that can integrate with existing processes or operate as a stand-alone application.

HPE AI Services - Transformation Workshop covers the latest AI trends (such as AI ethics and GenAI domains). You receive a highly interactive full-day experience facilitated by HPE AI advisory consultants. During the workshop, we explore your business needs, use case objectives, and priorities for business, data, and IT stakeholders. We help you align your AI goals and requirements to develop your own initiative roadmap.

These comprehensive services are supported by HPE Global Centers of Excellence for AI and Data in the United States, Spain, Bulgaria, India, and Tunisia. To learn more, check out HPE consulting services or contact your local representative.

Accelerate Your Transformation with HPE AI Services

Plan, build, and implement your generative AI projects to meet your business objectives.

Our customers

HPE and NVIDIA solutions across industries

AI for Financial Services

The financial services industry is in a state of transformation as market fluctuations challenge organizations to work smarter, faster, and more securely than before. The use of AI is critical to extract real time intelligence to develop highly sophisticated financial products, services, and tools for enabling real time risk management and prevention, increasing revenue, and improving user experiences.

Transforming financial services with next gen AI solutions

In partnership with NVIDIA, HPE makes it seamless for the financial services industry by addressing their unique workloads and requirements and providing the AI capabilities they need to produce and share insights faster.

Achieve banking insights on demand with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the foundation for faster and more informed banking, enabling institutions to optimize, accelerate, and secure their operations. Here two experts in the financial services industry, Jennifer Smith, global marketing lead at HPE, and Kevin Levitt, global business development lead at NVIDIA, discuss what makes this achievable.

The future of banking – AI insight on demand

HPE and NVIDIA work to improve banking operations, security, and risk management by accelerating transformation and achieving an AI-enabled business model.

AI for Healthcare

AI can help modernize healthcare environments and promote safe, efficient, and personalized care. AI platforms integrate diverse data types from IoT devices with critical care applications and allow care teams and staff to monitor patients and hospital assets in real time.

Transforming the clinical experience – today

See how HPE along with partners NVIDIA and Artisight are teaming to deliver smart end-to-end artificial intelligence technology to hospitals and improving the clinical experience.

Reinventing healthcare with AI

HPE and NVIDIA work to improve healthcare by accelerating transformation to an AI-enabled organization model. Expected results include gaining real time value from data to boost clinical/operational efficiency and safeguarding sensitive health information.

Improve clinical outcomes with AI-enabled healthcare applications

AI is instrumental in transforming medical data into actionable insight at any scale and can help improve clinical experiences and patient outcomes across healthcare organizations.

The future of healthcare – AI insight on demand

HPE and NVIDIA work to improve healthcare by accelerating transformation to an AI-enabled organization model to boost clinical/operational efficiency, safeguarding sensitive health information, and enhancing standards of care.

AI for Life Sciences

Research institutions and medical facilities are using the ability to analyze massive datasets to sequence the human genome, develop new forms of treatment, speed and improve patient care, and better manage electronic health records.

Advancing the science of medicine from edge to cloud

Healthcare and life sciences require immediate access to data and insights to fuel life-saving research. Organizations must invest in technology that can evolve at the pace of their work. HPE with NVIDIA and Flywheel can develop a future-ready solution to help you unlock the full potential of biomedical research.

Unlock the full potential of your biomedical data

HPE is collaborating with NVIDIA and Flywheel to revolutionize healthcare and life sciences with a groundbreaking end-to-end data research platform that extracts faster value from massive amounts of data and streamlines research initiatives. Together, we help researchers focus on advancing the science of medicine and improving patient outcomes.

Pioneering the future of life sciences with AI

HPE and NVIDIA are advancing the science of drug discovery with better insight, maximum productivity, and faster time to discovery.

Unleash the future of genomics today with a robust AI platform

AI is accelerating the next wave of life sciences research. HPE and NVIDIA are unleashing the future of genomics today with a robust AI platform that will transform what we know about the human genome, disease, and personalized medicine.

AI-enabled breakthrough genomics

Marketing and sales assets describing how simple, scalable, optimized HPE and NVIDIA solutions can contribute to better tests, drugs, therapies, and personalized healthcare.

AI for Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is connected, automated and digitally driven. As plant floor operations technologies converge with IT, numerous use cases across the manufacturing cycle become possible to ignite innovation, create more efficient operations, reduce downtime and improve worker productivity.

Reinventing quality control with AI-powered video analytics

Manufacturers are implementing video analytics powered by AI to transform production lines and enhance quality assurance with real time insight.

Enhance production quality with AI-powered video analytics

For today’s manufacturers, success relies on the quality of their products. An AI platform for manufacturing quality assurance from HPE, NVIDIA, and trusted partners enables manufacturers to transform their quality management with faster, more accurate inspection processes.

Galvanizing manufacturing with AI and deep learning

Discover how HPE helps manufacturers integrate CAD with AI, deep learning, and IoT technologies.

AI for Retail

Retailers are using the power of AI to transform how they work and deliver compelling shopping experiences, optimize business performance, and boost profits. HPE and NVIDIA are reinventing retail with an AI platform that is designed with today’s companies and consumers in mind.

Empowering a new era of smarter retail

By tapping into AI, retailers can power intelligent stores, omnichannel management, and intelligent supply chains. See how HPE and NVIDIA enable retailers to gain deep insights faster to maintain a competitive edge.

Creating autonomous, cashier-less stores with Sensei

Sensei is innovating retail with autonomous stores. There are no checkouts, cashiers, or physical payment for goods. Customers enjoy queue-free shopping with goods auto-charged to bank cards.

AI for Public Sector

AI technologies enable public institutions to better serve citizens. Capabilities like video analytics and AI at the edge are enhancing safety for smart cities, stadiums, higher education, and K-12 schools.

Enhance your fan experience in sports stadiums and venues

HPE and NVIDIA provide sports stadiums and venues with near real time AI solutions that can lower your operational costs and enhance the fan experience by reporting traffic flow, wait times, and navigation.

Safeguarding your sports stadiums and venues with advanced vision analytics

HPE and NVIDIA provide sports stadiums and venues with near real time AI-driven safety using advanced vision analytics solutions to provide protection from potential dangers that include disruptions, criminal activity, and emergency situations.

Safeguard your cities with advanced vision analytics solutions

There is an immediate need to protect citizens from possible threats in a variety of public environments. Applications using AI and advanced vision analytics are key to making cities safer for everyone.

Safeguard your campus with advanced vision analytics

Universities need to protect everyone on campus from potential dangers including gun violence, criminal activity, and emergency situations. Together, HPE and NVIDIA provide near real-time AI-driven safety using advanced vision analytics solutions.

Safeguard your school with advanced vision analytics

K-12 schools need to protect everyone in their care from potential dangers. Together, HPE and NVIDIA provide near real time AI-driven safety using advanced vision analytics solutions.

Explore HPE solutions for AI

Take advantage of our comprehensive solutions to untangle complexity and create your end-to-end artificial intelligence solution, from the core data center to the intelligent edge.

HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models

Privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale AI models through an on-demand, multi-tenant cloud service.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions for Digital Twin

Build a powerful, scalable, and secure virtual environment to increase collaboration and innovation using Digital Twins.

HPE Storage

Accelerate data-first modernization by radically simplifying data storage, management, and security across hybrid cloud.

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

Accelerate the development, deployment, and monitoring of AI applications, models, and workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud.

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops

Operationalize the ML lifecycle and accelerate your workloads with DevOps-like speed and agility.

HPE Machine Learning Development Environment

Easily implement and train machine learning models by removing complexities, optimizing cost and accelerating innovation.

HPE Machine Learning Development System

Discover and scale high-quality AI models seamlessly and avoid IT complexity with this turnkey AI system.

HPE Cray Supercomputing

Deliver revolutionary supercomputing technologies to pioneer the next frontier of discovery, innovation, and achievement.

HPE ProLiant Servers

Unlock more value from your data and accelerate AI outcomes for faster insights with AI-optimized servers.

HPE Apollo Systems

Deliver the power of supercomputing to data centers of any size with density-optimized compute for HPC and AI.