Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud services, cloud software and infrastructure solutions delivered as a service to help you successfully implement a cloud experience for all your workloads.

Solve your complex challenges with HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Moving to cloud isn’t a matter of why, but a matter of when and how. Cloud promises speed, agility, and cost savings—but realizing the full value of cloud requires solving difficult challenges such as data gravity, security, compliance with regulations, cost management, and the need for organizational change. HPE's hybrid cloud solutions can help your business navigate cloud complexities and speed your digital transformation through a proven methodology for transforming people, processes, and technology.

Take a hybrid approach

Innovate faster with the cloud experience everywhere  

Apps that can easily move to the cloud already have. Meanwhile, two out of every three apps remain on-premises due to issues such as data gravity, sovereignty, compliance, cost, and interdependencies with other systems. This leaves enterprises caught in the middle of old and new, struggling to reach their transformation goals within a complex dual IT operating environment.

HPE brings agility to apps and data everywhere—edges, clouds and data centers—eliminating complexity and silos, driving speed and agility with common tools, processes and automation. We’ll help you address the non-cloud native apps that are slowing you down and get you on the path to a unified, modern cloud strategy.

  • Bring the cloud experience to your non-cloud-native apps
  • Containerize monolithic applications to improve efficiency, increase agility, and provide portability—rebuilding and refactoring apps that need to move to the cloud
  • Shift to agile DevOps processes with HPE Pointnext Services
  • Streamline your development process and leverage microservices to quickly build and deploy applications


Barrier to cloud adoption is legacy systems.


Public or private cloud adoption is the average for enterprise.


Of enterprise cloud adopters see three or more benefits from cloud.

Make a comprehensive plan for cloud

Build and execute a plan for people, processes, and technology 

Finding the right mix of cloud for your apps and data can be challenging, but navigating organizational challenges surrounding cloud adoption can be just as difficult as dealing with legacy infrastructure. We'll help you align your organization to build a cloud-ready culture and embrace agile methodologies.

From getting your stakeholders on board with a high-level hybrid cloud strategy to resolving workload and infrastructure complexities and implementing new processes, HPE will help you transform to a truly cloud-native framework. Our process includes:

  • Building a business case for hybrid cloud
  • Helping you determine your right mix of public and private cloud
  • Modernizing your infrastructure to enable automation
  • Making and executing an application migration plan
  • Establishing a Cloud Business Office to drive organizational change
Measuring enterprise cloud maturity

Through experience in customer engagements, we've identified eight domains of enabling capability that are critical to effective operating model transformation.

Insights to guide your digital transformation

The Doppler brings together the smartest minds at HPE, along with industry experts, to help you transform your business to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Control and optimize cloud costs

Get hybrid cloud as a service with HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform 

Unleashing growth potential for your business while minimizing costs is the promise of cloud, but avoiding wasted resources and overspending requires optimizing applications for cloud, placing each in the right environment, and maintaining visibility into performance and resource consumption.

Simplify operations, reduce risk, and accelerate cloud adoption with HPE GreenLake platform, a vendor-agnostic multi-cloud, multi-stack managed service for public and private clouds.

  • Choose from a broad variety of services for your workloads
  • Always have capacity to meet of demand
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Get additional services as needed to operate any or all of your IT stack
  • Manage private and public clouds from one place
HPE GreenLake for continuous cost control

HPE GreenLake for continuous cost control provides end-to-end visibility of cloud financials, as well as detailed analysis and recommendations for reducing your cloud costs.

Build your hybrid cloud with HPE GreenLake platform

Deliver business outcomes faster with an edge-to-cloud platform designed for your top workloads.

Cloud Services
AI, ML, and analytics
Mine continuous streams of value locked in your data with enterprise-grade AI/ML and analytics.

Cloud services
Business applications
Enhance accuracy, competitiveness, product quality, and time to market.

Choose from a family of versatile, resilient, software-defined servers suited to diverse workloads.

Drive faster delivery and iteration. Continuously release and improve products and services for business agility.

Large Language Models

On-demand, multi-tenant cloud service provides enterprises the power to privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale AI models.

Database-optimized hardware, software, and services in a single, unique, pay-per-use* form.

Edge services
Streamline the deployment of an edge-to-cloud solution stack across locations.

Cloud services
High performance computing
Make faster decisions and reduce time to discovery with HPE GreenLake for HPC.

Hybrid and multi-cloud
Consume pre-architected and validated end-to-end hybrid cloud managed services with an existing, brownfield IT environment that provides a full view into your consumption.

Improve management, efficiency and performance of virtualized workloads with built-in solutions for backup and more.

Accelerate and de-risk your data-first modernization with analysis and advice from the experts at HPE.

Support your digital transformation with Aruba networking solutions delivered as a service.

Private Cloud Enterprise

Streamline and modernize across your multi-gen IT with a fully managed cloud experience for bare metal, containers, and VMs in your private environment.

Cloud services
Get the most out of your SAP platform with supporting infrastructure that provides rigorous availability, security, and reliability standards.

Security, risk, and compliance
Protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills.

Unleash the power of your data with intelligent, workload-optimized storage.

Cloud service
Virtual desktop
Get the benefits of on-premises VDI, including security, seamless user experience, and productivity.

Cloud services
Gain speed and flexibility with scalable, pay-per-use virtualized infrastructure.


Our consultants can help you move to hybrid cloud quickly, with no disruptions to your business by leveraging top-tier certifications and more than a thousand successful cloud engagements.

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