Leverage HPE Backup and Recovery Service to simplify hybrid cloud data protection with instant restores, rapid recovery on-prem, and cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud. Initially for VMware, HPE Backup and Recovery Service makes data protection easy with policy-based automation, built-in encryption, ultra efficient data reduction — and the savings of consumption-based pricing.

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Enjoy effortless protection

Harness unified management and unprecedented flexibility — think a single interface to deliver snapshots from across clouds for restores, recoveries, and cloud backups. Enable robust protection in minutes, and skip the ongoing hassle of managing and operating backup hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure. 

Make it super-efficient

Get predictable consumption-based billing that aligns costs to business value and eliminates upfront capex expenses. Leverage elastic scale for capacity when and where you need it. Optimize costs with ultra-efficient deduplication and compression technologies and visibility into data lineage that reduces extant copies.

Secure your data everywhere

Protect against ransomware threats with encrypted backups that are invisible to cybercriminals. Automatic data encryption on-prem and in the cloud keeps your data secure wherever it lives. And configurable protection templates enable auto-protection of your virtual machines and help meet regulatory requirements.


To take advantage of HPE Backup and Recovery Service, sign in on the Data Services Cloud Console page. For more on cloud-native infrastructure, check out HPE Alletra. To explore data protection as a service from edge to cloud, see all that HPE GreenLake for Data Protection has to offer.

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Data Services Cloud Console

HPE Backup and Recovery Service joins a suite of cloud services that streamline data management across edge, core, and cloud — accelerating agility and innovation throughout your organization.

HPE Alletra

Harness a cloud operating and consumption experience to power your data wherever it lives. Drive every app and workload, from legacy to modern, with as-a-service cloud-native infrastructure.

HPE GreenLake for Data Protection

Modernize data protection from edge to cloud with ultimate resource flexibility and consumption-based pricing. Stop managing infrastructure and focus on driving business value from your data.