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HPE OneView free software trial
HPE OneView free software trial
Automate resource provisioning, configuration and monitoring with the HPE OneView. See how to deploy faster and simplify lifecycle operations in your own environment with a 60-day instant free trial.
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Make your infrastructure intelligent

Run your infrastructure as code to integrate and automate IT operations. Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) will give you a simpler, faster and more efficient platform that operates with little human intervention and enables you to develop and deploy apps faster.

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Simplify and automate your infrastructure

Eliminate IT silos and reduce complexity with software-defined intelligence. Streamline IT operations and lower costs by transforming servers, storage and networking into software-defined-infrastructure.

Optimise IT operations with continuous delivery

Improve data centre efficiency and empower IT operations with policy-driven automation that accelerates application and service delivery.

Simplify operations and lower costs

Transform compute, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure to automate tasks and accelerate your business.

Develop and deploy apps faster

Deliver a competitive edge to the business by continuously building, testing and deploying applications through a single interface that enables developers to compose software defined infrastructure precisely, in just minutes, with a single line of code.


Gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that let you manage all your infrastructure as code, using powerful software to deploy IT resources quickly, for any workload.

Featured case study

Transforming travel into a software-defined destination

Global travel industry technology provider Travelport deployed the composable infrastructure of HPE Synergy to accommodate exponential growth in transaction volumes and prepare for an AI-driven future.


Booming volumes in online travel booking meant Travelport needed to re-imagine its proprietary commerce platform, where transaction latency, infrastructure scalability and fast app deployment are critical.


Travelport transformed its IT environment to align with business and IT goals. The company created a scalable, agile infrastructure to reach new levels of transaction performance; optimised deployment; supported Agile development; and set the stage for future innovations leveraging in-memory computing. 

“Creating a seamless, personalised, streamlined traveller experience – those are the types of advances we can pursue with our platform now that we’ve removed the constraints on innovation.”

Jim Morris, group VP, technology CFO, Travelport


Travelport now delivers its customers booking options with up to 30% faster response times, lowered its unit costs for transaction processing, and freed cash flow for innovations like AI and machine learning.

Travelport’s Solution Recipe
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Fund your move to Software Defined Infrastructure

Speed your infrastructure refresh with an IT investment strategy that helps you free capital trapped in your legacy infrastructure, optimise cloud costs and agility and accelerate the migration to new technologies and ventures.

Transform your economics

HPE Financial Services aligns to your IT investment strategy for growth and innovation.

Investment agility and capacity to accelerate innovation


Cost models across your asset lifecycle and free up capital


Investment risk with new business models that enable innovation

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See how the Circular Economy can change IT

Taking a new approach to your IT asset lifecycle management focused on remarketing, reuse and reduced power consumption can decrease your total cost of ownership and unlock additional value for your organisation.

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