Empower the real-time enterprise with SAP HANA

SAP HANA performs business processing and analytics in real time, which brings significant advantages. But you must replace existing databases, implement servers built for in-memory computing, and transition without disruption.  Help ensure your successful migration to a real-time enterprise by working with a partner that has proven to deliver all that SAP HANA offers.

Leading Technology

Leading Technology

Leverage an unparalleled solution portfolio to perform business processing and analytics in real time.

Record-breaking platform

Run the most demanding SAP workloads of any size with record-breaking HPE Compute Scale-up Server 3200



No one knows SAP and SAP HANA better than we do. Nearly 46% of SAP licenses tie to HPE servers, and we are #1 in SAP HANA server deployments.


HPE, #1 in scale-up and scale-out capacity, delivers the performance needed to consolidate applications and for growing data volumes.



Realize your SAP cloud strategy with flexibility and fully control your environment.  Our solutions give you the power of choice and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a cloud approach, while ensuring your most vital data stays under your full control, and costs remain predictable.


HPE Services, design, deployment, and migration services will help you transition smoothly to SAP HANA.


Solutions for SAP HANA

More than 25,000 customers run SAP applications on HPE infrastructure, and we’ve deployed more than 40,000 SAP HANA servers. We understand SAP and what SAP HANA requires from your mission-critical server and storage environment, keeping vital SAP applications protected, available, and ultimately modernizing your SAP landscape.

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