Accelerate innovation with solutions optimised for containerised applications

Are you seeking to implement a hybrid cloud, develop and deploy new modern or container-based applications, or modernise existing applications using containerisation? HPE is working with industry leading container software providers and driving the creation of containerised solutions that can serve as your foundation – so you can spend more time on innovation, move faster without compromising security and minimise complexity.

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HPE offers choice of open and flexible compute, storage and networking solutions that can help you accelerate container deployment and operations. HPE solutions are optimised to improve container performance, high availability, security, life cycle management, data protection, scaling and container workload acceleration. Our container solutions provide you with a broad choice of the latest container offerings from Docker, Google Cloud's Anthos, Kubernetes, Red Hat and SUSE.

Optimise and accelerate containers at scale

Operating a large-scale container environment is not easy so best practices and automation help streamline operations and improve SLAs. HPE is working with partners to build highly automated playbooks for Day 0 deployments to minimise manual overheads for customers. Combined with best practices and configuration automation to setup container HA, backup/restore, security validation and monitoring, HPE helps you speed and simplify your container deployment and operations at scale.

Bridge the skills gap

Deploying, operating and maintaining containers can be complicated due to lack of skills, technology readiness or organisational hurdles. From planning, application containerisation migration/development, POC, pre-production, and to production, HPE can help you accelerate the transformation of your technology, people and economics so you can move fast as you drive innovation.

As a service delivery and cloud economics

Move to the “as a Service” model for containers on premises with HPE GreenLake for cloud economics – pay per container node - elastic IT, and simplified operations – all under your control.


HPE container-optimised solutions

Solutions that are co-developed and validated with open source communities and industry leading container partners.