Unlock the potential of private 5G

With robotic automation, AI, IoT and more, enterprises have amazing opportunities to digitally transform their businesses. 

Over the next five years, use of private cellular networks is expected to balloon to 60,000 worldwide, a 1,400 percent increase.      

To unlock the potential of private cellular, we’re working with telco operators and enterprises across every industry and in every geography to create the networking platform of the future – one that will combine the power of public 5G, private 5G and wi-fi into a single platform.

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Delivering a private 5G that's built with enterprises in mind

We've announced a new offering based on award-winning technology from Athonet, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquisition. It includes everything from the core to the small cell radios to the software that manages it all from the cloud to simplify the enterprise experience.

Grow with next-gen networks

Networks are more advanced than ever, yet CSPs require a new approach to drive top-line growth. By shifting focus from consumer data connectivity to enterprise innovation, you can unlock new revenue streams like private 5G. The edge alone is a $450 billion opportunity. Leading CSPs are showing signs of success in monetizing 5G and the edge.

Connect from anywhere

Whether you are in Antarctica or at the bottom of the world’s deepest mine, private cellular networks can provide critical communications that ensure safety from nearly anywhere. Ruggedized kits and interoperability with any industry-standard radio means that private 4G/5G networks can provide secure, reliable connectivity.  

Simplify complex public networks

With the evolution to 5G and cloud architectures, managing subscriber data and services efficiently is essential to business continuity and profitability.  Ensure interoperability of existing and next-generation networks – and a seamless subscriber experience.

Featured products

Private Mobile Core

With a combination 4G/5G core, you can easily migrate to 5G when ready and support 50 to 50,000 devices with leading technology from Athonet, a Hewlett Packard acquisition.

Tactical Kits

When you need a highly mobile solution, our all-in-one kits provide connectivity for defense and public safety use cases. With a federated approach, teams can communicate with central command and with one another.

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