HPE Managed Security

Meet the right security standards by providing insight and control to secure business operations with holistic tools that lower costs and free up staff.

Managed security with insights and control

Deliver end-to-end security management and innovations with remote infrastructure management. Protect your data, applications, and infrastructure in one managed security solution.

Vulnerability management

Security vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, prioritized, and remediated in a timely manner. Regularly scheduled and ad hoc, on-demand scanning and vulnerability metrics are shared on a quarterly basis.

Security monitoring and remediation

Proactive identification and resolution of security threats delivers security operations center (SOC) activities, including incident detection, response, containment, recovery, and post incident analysis and follow-up actions.

Secure configuration of platforms

Platforms are configured to meet HPE security best practices by providing a baseline secure configuration.  Delivers high quality telemetry into your SOC platform, as well as a more secure configuration for your on-premises equipment.

The business value of managed services from HPE

HPE Management services receives the ISG Star of Excellence Award.

The independent, industry-wide Star of Excellence™ recognizes managed services and technology service providers that deliver excellent client centric services and solutions that stand apart from the rest exceptional experience scores.

Keep an eye on threat actors 24x7

Organizations of all sizes are using, or plan on using, Managed Security Services Professionals (MSSPs) to handle security operations.

Omdia recognizes HPE GreenLake as a leader in hybrid and multicloud management

Get a side-by-side comparison and evaluation of leading hybrid and multicloud management solutions.

Why HPE Services?

Solve problems faster with a digital, data driven, and modern customer experience. With an edge-to-cloud performance and innovation engine, HPE Services leverages real time insights to deliver a digital, personalized, and intelligent customer-centric experience.

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Featured products

Secure your data

Only the right level of security will do.

HPE Managed IT Compliance

Protect your apps and data with compliance monitoring delivered as a managed service.

HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery

Reduce your risk of data loss in a disaster by deploying our simplified, self-service cloud solution in minutes.  Protect data across your multisite deployments and VMware workloads.

HPE GreenLake, the edge-to-cloud platform

Take HPE GreenLake for a no-cost, no-obligation test drive. This guided, hands-on experience allows you to explore cloud services in a live production environment. Explore the HPE GreenLake platform now.