The 5G economy demands agility and flexibility

The exponential data growth driven by new digital experiences creates both an opportunity and a challenge for telcos. Network traffic has surged, but revenue has remained flat. They need to create new revenue streams that maximize their end-to-end connectivity advantage through advances in 5G and Wi-Fi 6, the move to the edge, and the value of the cloud experience and operating model.

Get secure, scalable Telco solutions delivered as a service

A traditional appliance-based approach cannot provide the availability, security, and scalability communications service providers need to compete in the new digital economy. Only HPE has both enterprise and Telco solutions spanning from the enterprise edge, across the Telco network, and into the multi-cloud environment. We bring together a set of open, edge to cloud solutions—including an ecosystem of partners—to help Telcos transform and realize the potential of 5G, edge, and the cloud, available with automated as-a-service delivery through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

Deliver full services over 5G

Cloud economics help future-proof your business. Build out highly available, highly secure, and highly scalable systems—from core to edge to cloud—without being tied to specific vendors or making huge upfront investments. Pre-integrated stacks and blueprints reduce risk and time to value.

Leverage HPE GreenLake platform services

The HPE GreenLake platform powers automated edge-cloud solutions, which can be delivered through the telco to serve both enterprise and consumer markets. It allows telcos to offer orchestration of any enterprise workload across a variety of secure edge clouds, leveraging network capabilities such as 5G slicing.

Gain gaming and remote video capabilities

Bring new 5G services to market quickly—with no capital outlay and costs aligned to subscribers—and ensure they coexist with both current 3G/4G and potential new Wi-Fi 6 RAN deployments. Experience unlimited scalability at the service, function, or network level, enabled by true cloud-native design.


Open cloud-native technologies, proven at scale, are needed to address rapidly evolving customer needs. HPE GreenLake offers flexible, secure solutions so telcos can roll out 5G services faster and integrate them with existing network infrastructure.

HPE customer solution stack

HPE paves the way to a full telco edge customer solution stack by delivering a platform at the edge, igniting innovative new service opportunities through a variety of workloads. HPE Edge Orchestrator provides one-click deployment via an app store.

HPE 5G Core Stack

The HPE GreenLake platform can power your 5G network, delivering agile cloud services to your own telco cloud. Achieve web-scale speed, flexibility, and resilience with HPE’s 5G Core Stack, designed from the ground up to be cloud-native, open, and secure.

See how our Telco customers are using HPE GreenLake

Browse the below case studies to see how customers are using the HPE GreenLake platform to drive business outcomes.

“With HPE GreenLake, we are now able to bring hardware elasticity on-prem at a fraction of the cost of public cloud.”
Jarkko Kytömäki
vLab Infrastructure Manager, Nokia Software

Consumption-based IT brings cloud agility and cost efficiency to Nokia Software case study

Using HPE GreenLake cloud services, Nokia Software accelerated 5G software development with a private cloud as a service built on all-flash HPE 3PAR storage and HPE blades, maximizing performance and lowering CAPEX.

  • Challenge:  Support fast-growing software development and testing demands with greater agility and efficiency.
  • Solution:  Adopted HPE GreenLake to build private cloud as a service on efficient, high-density HPE 3PAR all-flash storage.
  • Result: Nokia Software continues to maximize performance and reduce capital expenses, while reducing its environmental footprint.

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