AI, ML and data analytics products

Become an AI-powered business for improved decisioning, process efficiency, and creative innovation. AI at enterprise-scale is the most computationally-intensive workload of our time requiring a fundamentally new architecture. Supercomputing power, a data-first fabric leveraging high-speed interconnects, model development tools, data analytics, and inferencing at the edge capabilities are necessary to support the full AI lifecycle.

While the last decade was a transformation to a new economic model driven by a cloud-native architecture, the next decade of transformation requires AI enabled by supercomputing technology that's hybrid-by-design.

Transform to an AI-powered business

How do you advance AI across your business? With HPE’s unique data-first pipeline, businesses can harness vast amounts of public and private data to fuel data analytics applications and AI model development from training to tuning. Inference is hybrid by design allowing AI workloads to be placed where they matter, from edge-to-cloud. Finally, an open architecture offers freedom of choice to take advantage of AI innovation, across your data.​

HPE delivers an open, full stack solution for running an AI-powered business. Our AI software helps make your data AI-ready, automate and scale complex data pipelines, and accelerate your ability to develop and deploy AI models.

Build and streamline your data-first pipeline for AI

More efficiently access and manage your data across edge to cloud. Shape higher volumes of public and proprietary data across your multi-gen IT. Accelerate workflows across the lifecycle of train, tune and inference. Maintain data consistency for AI, ML and data analytics workloads and applications.

Speed time to value with full-stack solutions

Pre-integrated full-stack solutions take the hard work out of AI infrastructure. Leverage supercomputing technology for your most demanding AI models. Open ecosystem provides access to your tools of choice, eliminating vendor lock-in. Boost performance with a specialized, Ethernet-based interconnect between clusters.​

Deploy AI from edge to cloud

Develop AI models at your data center or co-lo and deploy AI apps at the edge close to users and data. Manage and secure your infrastructure with one point of control and visibility in HPE GreenLake platform.

AI, ML and data analytics products

Unlock AI

Simplify AI complexity, accelerate productivity, and get pilots to production faster

AI, ML and data analytics products for data

Achieve seamless hybrid data management, unlock data’s value with direct access to data, scale AI and ML model training and deployment from POC to production and dynamically scale your data and ML pipelines.

AI, ML and data analytics products for cloud

Hybrid cloud, just the way you need it.

Featured AI, ML and data analytics products

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software

Unlock data and insights faster by helping you develop and deploy data and analytic workloads. Provides fully managed, secure, enterprise-grade versions of the most popular open-source frameworks with a consistent SaaS experience.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Software

Overcome hybrid data challenges with corporate-wide visibility and seamless access to data with a consistent SaaS experience.

HPE Machine Learning Data Management Software

Automate complex ML and data pipelines.

HPE Machine Learning Development Environment Software

Uncover hidden insights from your data by helping engineers and data scientists collaborate, build more accurate ML models and train them faster.

HPE Slingshot Interconnect

Ethernet-based HPC networking solution designed for exascale era computing of diverse simulation, modeling, AI and analytics workloads on a single system.

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