Digital medicine for healthcare and life sciences

HPE has delivered solutions to healthcare and life sciences for decades, and we have the vision and solutions to create the right mix for your specific digital use cases. This combination of the right mix and the right experience will accelerate the right outcomes for you.

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Digital solutions drive healthcare and life sciences

Healthcare and life sciences can’t get by on bandages for IT anymore. You need digital transformation medicine to be able to continually deliver the services that are demanded. And you need a partner with a record of success to help.

Digital foundation

Centralise records with a secure, continuously available, high-performance infrastructure. 

Connected care

Integrate financial, clinical imaging, credentialing and other critical systems into a single consolidated view. 

Empowered care

Mobilise your apps for patients, clinicians, families, and others. Secure both wired and wireless networks. 

Insight-driven care

Access advanced analytics on genomic data for new treatments and correlate to key comorbidities.

Insight-driven care

Access advanced analytics on genomic data for new treatments and correlate to key comorbidities.

Edge & Video Analytics – Back to Work

Video Analytics can provide smart insights for your business, but how do you use video data to create a more personalised and contextualised experience? With the health and safety of staff and customers being more important than ever, Video Analytics provides an effective way of protecting your premises.

Current Video Insights Issues/challenges

The issues/challenges with using video data are varied and usually complex.

Data Volume

There is too much data generated, new and improved ways of dealing with the volume of data is needed.


Human Intervention is required

There is an over-reliance on operators to detect problems leading to detection errors and lapses.


After the fact data

Video synopsis is too slow, real-time video analysis is required.


HPE’s Video Analytics Solution

Our solution solves these issues and keeps your workplace safe by providing:
- Monitoring social distancing
- Capturing body temperatures on entry
- Site entry approval (traffic light system)
- Contactless entry and identification of high contact zones
- PPE monitoring
- Average dwell time and heat mapping
- Providing instant alerts on breaches.

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Why you need HPE’s Video Analytics Solution

To keep your site safe and free from the risk of infection you need to be able to identify anyone showing signs of illness, maintain hygiene standards, mitigate the risks of an outbreak, and provide capacity management, all in real-time. This allows a quicker return to work and reduces future risks.

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Success in action
Wirral University logo

Hospital improves patient outcomes with new network

Wirral University Teaching Hospital’s aging wired network faced escalating maintenance costs and network outages. Its new core-to-edge network solution enables Wirral to meet modern healthcare expectations, and it supports future growth.


Provide better patient care with a reliable core-to-edge network solution designed, implemented, and supported for future innovation


Leverage expertise to deploy an integrated HPE and Aruba core-to-edge network solution with zero downtime for maximum patient impact

"We have a network we can rely on for our immediate needs, but also … to help keep us innovating to ensure the best possible health care for our patients."

Phil Scott, Wirral University Teaching Hospital


Reduced downtime and ensures a consistent network experience from the core-to-edge while future-ing proof network design to handle future requirements.