Edge solutions

Secure your connections from edge to cloud

Do you need to securely connect your users, applications, and devices—wherever they are—across edge to cloud?  With hyper-distributed organizations and hybrid work models, people and devices are operating in multiple contexts. How do you ensure secure connectivity while meeting the increasing demands of AI and innovation?​

With a security-first, AI-powered approach you can deliver secure, connected experiences.

Protect users, devices, and applications

As people, applications, devices, and data become increasingly distributed, the points of risk increase. Transform your network into a security solution with AI-automated operations to work and innovate more securely.

Balancing security with innovation: the network’s role

Get insights on how the network can be your greatest asset. HPE study of 2000+ IT leaders reveals the challenges and solutions for balancing innovation and security.

Bring connectivity and security together

Hybrid work, digital acceleration, and IoT growth require innovative connectivity and security strategies. Deliver the high performance and uninterrupted access your business demands with the least possible risk.

Align network and security goals

Simplify IT operations, enhance collaboration, and protect your business from cyber threats. Discover how a network built on Zero Trust and SASE principles enables more secure digital transformation.

Simplify architecture and enhance security

Legacy networks and data centers can be complex, costly to manage, and inefficient. Be better equipped to meet growing business demands with a simplified architecture that improves security and performance.

Simplifying and securing the modern data center

Modernize your data center for greater efficiency and security. Discover how a simplified network architecture with embedded Zero Trust strengthens your defenses while streamlining operations.

Universal network visibility and control

Do you want full visibility and control across your increasingly complex edge? Keep your business running and relieve your scarce resources from routine tasks to better support business outcomes. Use insights to take action where and when it is needed.

See more, control more with AI-powered networking

Simplify network management, enhance visibility, and boost security with AI-powered networking. Discover how AI streamlines IT operations and strengthens your defenses against today's complex threats.

Featured edge products and solutions

Edge solutions

Securely connect all your users, applications, and devices.


Capture, secure and transport data to users and applications from edge to cloud.

HPE Aruba Networking Wireless Access Points

Expand network capacity and boost IT, user, and IoT experiences with enterprise connectivity that’s intelligent, fast, and secure.

HPE GreenLake for Networking

Deliver innovative business outcomes by leveraging new ways to consumpe, deploy and manage networks.

Explore the ways HPE can help you open up opportunities across edge to cloud

Connect your edge

Control and harness data across edge to cloud.

Turn your data into intelligence

A single source of truth from data to make smart decisions and recommendations to customers.

Unlock AI

Simplify AI complexity, accelerate productivity, and get pilots to production faster.

Create your hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud, just the way you need it.


Secure your data

Only the right level of security will do.