HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

A secure, enterprise-grade platform to deploy cloud-native and non-cloud-native applications at scale across your data centers, multiple clouds, and at the edge.

A secure, enterprise-grade platform to deploy applications at scale

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise provides all the tools you need to build, modernize, deploy, monitor and manage a wide range of AI and analytics workloads to unleash your data’s full potential and accelerate your data-driven digital transformation.

A scalable, secure, enterprise-grade platform

Data is your most valuable asset, and the insight from that data turns vision into reality. Those who can act on the data the fastest will win. HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise provides the tools you need to be able to do that.

Speed, agility, and efficiency

KubeDirector—an open-source custom Kubernetes controller—allows you to deploy and run non-cloud-native monolithic applications in containers without rearchitecting or refactoring them.

Apache Spark 3 on Kubernetes

Multiple Spark versions are provisioned with one-click installation. Support for multiple persistent storage, as well as unified user identity across Spark and storage.

Multi-cluster, multi-tenant Kubernetes management

Fast, easy deployment, management, and monitoring of Kubernetes clusters with out-of-the-box configuration of networking, load balancing, and storage.

Accelerate large-scale deployments

Speed and simplify container deployments and operations at scale with flexibility to deploy on bare-metal or virtualized infrastructure, either on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Best practices and automation help streamline operations and improve SLAs.

Pre-integrated with persistent container storage

Includes connectivity to remote storage systems (e.g., HDFS, NFS) for containerized AI/ML and analytics applications such as Spark on Kubernetes, Kubeflow, etc.

Public cloud cluster import

Unified control plane makes it easy to import external Kubernetes clusters; includes support for importing clusters from cloud vendors such as Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS.

On-demand provisioning

App Store of curated, prebuilt images for a wide range of applications including machine learning (ML), analytics, IoT/edge, CI/CD, and application modernization. Flexibility to deploy on bare-metal or virtualized infrastructure, either on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.

Technology partners

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise works with a broad range of technology partners to provide our customers with the flexibility to choose from a variety of best-in-class tools to accelerate their data-driven digital transformations. Here is a sampling of some of our technology partners.

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