Many organisations are overwhelmed by the number of security threats they need to deal with – and the number of security solutions they need to purchase to protect themselves. At the same time, regulatory compliance is becoming more complex, and finding the right skill sets to manage these challenges is more difficult than ever.

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Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform experience

Business today relies on IT infrastructure that is both secure and resilient. As technology continues to transform and cyber criminals adopt new tactics, organisations are increasingly looking for managed service providers that not only deliver full operational support for their infrastructure, but can also fully manage the operational security of the environment.

HPE GreenLake Management Services helps companies understand and address the gaps in their security, risk and compliance efforts. We remotely monitor and operate your infrastructure and applications from core to cloud to edge, detect and help resolve issues, and advise you on ways to improve continuously. Leveraging our unique combination of platform, process and people, we deliver a quality experience at lower cost, expanding your capacity for innovation and allowing you to take advantage of new technologies quickly, without waiting until your organisation has the necessary skills.

The right skills and tools

Gain access to the right skill sets to deal with the complex security challenges your organisation faces. Associated tools allow you to not only detect threats but follow them through to final remediation.

Simplified solutions

Save the time, effort and cost of purchasing multiple solutions for security, risk and compliance across your hybrid environment.

Unmatched presence and global scale

Over 5,000 experienced and trusted experts across 24 time zones provide guidance and support to protect and run your IT.


HPE offers a portfolio of services that help identify and remediate IT security gaps and provide ongoing monitoring and management.


Free up your staff to focus on strategic initiatives with a managed solution that delivers security expertise and experience, simplified processes and tools, and a holistic management solution that lowers cost.


Track compliance of more than 1,500 controls with an enterprise-wide view of regulatory and governance compliance from a single dashboard, while business event monitoring alerts you when key rule violations are detected in your multi-cloud environment.


Optimise the use of software – and therefore the software licensees – within your environment while also ensuring the environment is secure. This service also feeds data to other tools and processes, such as the help desk, enabling IT to be more responsive and increasing end-user productivity.


Align data backups with your operational needs across data centres, clouds and SaaS vendors. Simplify the management of your backups with an approach designed to meet your business recovery SLAs.


Easily and quickly recover your data in the event of a disaster with dependable, reliable managed disaster recovery services. Streamline data protection with policy-based automation, built-in encryption and ultra-efficient data reduction technology.


Get out of ransomware jail. With ransomware attacks rising, it’s not a matter of if – but when. Only Zerto can enable you to recover in minutes to a state just seconds before an attack. HPE GreenLake with Zerto offers industry-leading ransomware protection, disaster recovery and data protection as a service for any app and any cloud. Additionally, HPE GreenLake Management Services bring managed Zerto data protection elements to the HPE GreenLake customer environment. These offer lower cost, expertise and experience, simplified processes and tools with an end-to-end customer experience including planning, design, implement, test and run.