Sharpen your competitive edge

Enhance accuracy, competitiveness, product quality, and time to market. With the HPE GreenLake platform, you can transform your data-intensive applications and gain the visibility, control, and performance of hybrid cloud while maintaining the utmost security and compliance your industry demands. Power your business with the improved performance, agility, operational efficiency, and lower costs provided by cloud services that are designed, optimized, and delivered for critical industry vertical and horizontal workloads.

Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform experience

There’s no need for businesses to choose between the agility of the cloud and the security and control of on-premises operations, even for your most demanding workloads. With the HPE GreenLake platform, you can run your business-critical applications on-premises, at the edge, or in colocation centers with the scalability and agility you need without the cost, risks, and complexity associated with the public cloud. Spend your time responding to changing customer demands and discovering new ways to better serve them instead of infrastructure management.

Enhance performance and security

Get everything you need to run your business no matter where the work is happening while keeping your applications and data safe inside your data center or colocation facility through HPE GreenLake cloud services. With high availability and scalability, we help optimize performance and speed business outcomes as your business evolves.

Modernize and migrate efficiently

Master the challenges of data gravity, app entanglements, latency, and more with HPE cloud service experts to help you quickly plan, adopt, and modernize your key business operations. Leverage decades of experience and our proven platform to manage complex migrations and evolving compliance demands with HPE by your side as you transform your most demanding workloads.

Improve resiliency

Respond to shifts in customer demand and industry regulation with a flexible, pay-as-you-go model that allows you to scale quickly as needed. Accelerate time to market using HPE cloud services that are engineered to optimize critical industry vertical and horizontal workloads.

Drive innovation

Focus more on serving your customers and developing insights and less on infrastructure operations with HPE cloud services. The HPE GreenLake platform automates tasks with cloud-managed infrastructure, freeing up time and resources for employees to work on new projects and reducing development and maintenance costs.


HPE GreenLake for payments

Get a complete payment solution with a modern service-oriented architecture that delivers flexibility and easy-to-maintain compliance. In partnership with Lusis, HPE offers a contactless, pay-per-transaction platform that allows you to align systems and grow with demand. Get proven transaction security support and integrated compliance standards—such as PCI, DSS and GDPR with EMV, and 3DES—that are updated automatically, reducing risk and cost.

HPE GreenLake for electronic health records

Gain the flexibility of the cloud with always-on access and end-to-end security through HPE GreenLake and Epic. Our Epic-certified experts help you implement scalable, HIPAA-compliant infrastructure and operate it for you, delivering improved reliability and availability along with reduced risk so you can focus more on providing care and less on operations.

HPE GreenLake with FIS Ethos Engagement Platform

Leverage a new data ecosystem, connecting data consumers to data producers with quality and trustworthy data on everyday transactions. Democratize access to data, data analytics and AI in real-time across all digital channels. Run your customer engagement systems with simplicity and speed - elastic, at scale - and without the cost, risk and time to move data into the public cloud. Preserve privacy, security, data governance and trust over your data while using a rich toolset to get actionable insights in real time. All with the goal of delivering your customers a unique, memorable experience.

HPE GreenLake for 5G

Gain hardware elasticity by leveraging the HPE GreenLake platform and using our 5G core cloud-native, agile, open, and secure software to run your 5G network and private 5G workloads. While we manage the platform, you can create new revenue streams at high speed, keeping pace with technology advancements, adding subscribers, and innovating at scale.

Experience HPE GreenLake cloud services

Take HPE GreenLake for a no-cost, no-obligation test drive. This guided, hands-on experience allows you to explore cloud services in a live production environment.