HPE Moonshot System

Server system with workload-optimised solutions for better business outcomes.

Specialised Workloads and Optimised Hardware

HPE Moonshot is an energy-efficient, integrated server system that gives you the right compute for your workloads. Get more out of your infrastructure:

Optimise Application Performance

Match the best solution to the workload. Do not pay for IT you don’t use.

Realise Breakthrough Economics

Reduce complexity. Make better use of data centre space and power.

Accelerate Innovation

Respond to business needs quickly.

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20th Century Fox Achieves Breakthrough Economics with HPE Moonshot

“With HPE Moonshot, we’ve been able to reduce our data centre space by 50%, power and cooling by 87%, and hardware costs by 57% compared to traditional servers.”

– John Herbert, CIO, 20th Century Fox


Less Power Consumption¹


Less Space¹


Less Cabling¹

Game-Changing Efficiency

Make better use of your data centre and significantly reduce the complexity of your infrastructure, thanks to breakthrough economics. The HPE Moonshot 1500 chassis delivers low energy-efficient power consumption, ultra-high density and flexible scale-out with significantly less cabling. Calculate TCO for several HPE Moonshot solutions and find the best compute for your workloads.

Management Made Easy

HPE Moonshot’s server management software portfolio simplifies the deployment and management experience for HPE Moonshot Systems. Capabilities include health and power monitoring, workload provisioning, smart updates and firmware maintenance. The portfolio also offers:

HPE Discovery Lab: Get Started Today

Customers and partners can connect to an HPE Moonshot System from anywhere in the world. Get access via a secure, confidential VPN to start testing and benchmarking your applications.


White Paper : HPE Moonshot Family Guide

White Paper

HP Moonshot is a precision-engineered system designed to truly match the workload it’s running – delivered in a compact, power- and energy-efficient package.

Case Study : HPE Moonshot Partner Programme

Case Study

Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV) or Systems Integrators (SI) that can envision a workload-optimised solution with HPE Moonshot is welcome to apply for the HPE Moonshot Partner Programme.

Software : Moonshot Business Value Calculator


The HPE Moonshot Business Value Calculator has been created to provide you insights into the Total Cost of Ownership of several of HPE’s Moonshot solutions compared to a traditional server approach.

White Paper : PayPal Drives New Business Innovation on HPE Moonshot

White Paper

Innovation made PayPal a leader in online transaction processing and ongoing innovation keeps the company at the leading edge of its industry. PayPal’s technology architects are continually looking for the next big thing in computing. This prompted PayPal to test the HPE Moonshot system – a server platform that promises to take hyperscale data centres to new heights.

Case Study : Jingit Generates Breakthrough Performance with HPE Moonshot

Case Study

“Having a system like HPE Moonshot enables Jingit to innovate and deliver linear and reliable scale to create a boundless opportunity for our brands and retailers to innovate and reimagine their campaigns.” – Todd Rooke, Co-Founder, Jingit

Case Study : SpringCM Poised for Massive Scalability with HPE Moonshot Solutions and DataStax Enterprise

Case Study

SpringCM recently deployed HP Moonshot technology to speed innovation and simplify scaling in its DataStax Enterprise distributed database platform, built on Apache Cassandra.

Case Study : Panasonic IS Gets No-compromise Remote Desktop Performance with HPE ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops

Case Study

By replacing its virtual desktop infrastructure with the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops built on the HP Moonshot System, Panasonic IS gained a no-compromise remote desktop experience for its users along with greater agility and breakthrough economics.

Catalog : View the Moonshot Documentation Library


Get technical background, reference architectures, installation guides and other important references.

  • 1.

    Numbers vary by HPE Moonshot server cartridge and customer configurations; based on HPE internal analysis using the HPE ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge.