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Composable Infrastructure

HPE Composable Infrastructure empowers IT to create and deliver value instantly, continuously and at the speed and flexibility of cloud – within your own secure data centre.

Your Infrastructure as Code

A new approach to architecture, HPE Composable Infrastructure allows you to deploy IT resources as needed – quickly and for any workload – using powerful software. In minutes, stand up infrastructure that used to take weeks to deploy. A unified API with powerful tools from our partner ecosystem, is combined with software-defined intelligence, ensuring just the right amount of compute, storage and fabric.

Navigating IT transformation: Tales from the front lines

Learn why IT leaders embrace new approaches to infrastructure technology to advance business initiatives.

IT Must Optimise Two Operating Environments

Apps for Traditional IT

Built on commercial, build-it-yourself models and sometimes based on decades-old architecture. Designed to support existing business processes like collaboration or data processing. Apps for traditional IT are ops-driven and cost-focussed.

Apps for the Idea Economy

Built to drive revenue and new customer experiences by leveraging mobility, big data and cloud-native technologies. Apps require low latency and continuous adaptation to high levels of uncertainty and change – agile, nonlinear and high-speed.

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Composable Infrastructure: A Hardware Foundation For Extreme Agility

Frost & Sullivan

How the Right Infrastructure Can Prepare Your Data Centre for Business Disruptors


HPE Synergy: Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure for the Enterprise

100% Programmable Infrastructure

Deploy Faster

Deploy at cloud-like speed. One person and 3 minutes compared with up to 28 days to stand up a new service on traditional infrastructure.

Reduce Cost

Dramatically reduce overprovisioning and CAPEX. One infrastructure for all apps, re-utilising capacity for any workload, when you need it.


Develop More

Develop more apps more quickly with a single API. Replace 500 calls and 50 hours third-party integration with one DevOps-friendly API.

How HPE Composable Infrastructure Works

Fast track success with the speed and flexibility of cloud from your own data centre

Learn best practices from Forrester on how to move beyond convergence and architect your composable infrastructure

Storage Spotlight: Futureproof your IT with Composable Data Fabric – only from HPE

To support the transformation to hybrid IT that spans traditional and cloud-native applications, we are building a composable data fabric into our infrastructure. This HPE-only innovation lets you share data universally across storage systems, hyper converged appliances, composable infrastructure and hybrid clouds. Run any workload, store any data type and scale from small IT to cloud-scale data centres with the efficiency, resiliency and programmatic control you’ve been looking for.

Composable Infrastructure Partners

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The fully programmable, unified API integrates into dozens of popular management tools for your Composable Infrastructure. This integration extends the power of the infrastructure to everyone in the data centre; DCIM, virtualisation, facilities, automation, cloud and application developers. The HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Programme has attracted numerous partners who deliver value across your data centre.

HPE Synergy

The World’s First Platform Architected for Composable Infrastructure

Built from the ground up for Composable Infrastructure, HPE Synergy offers an experience that empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously. It is a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services.

Extending the Benefits of Composable Infrastructure


Flexible storage options improve efficiency, removing physical barriers with virtual resource pools for any application or data type. The unified API enables provisioning of shared and DAS storage. Template-defined storage allows for instant provisioning, control and agility.


You can start your journey to composable today when HPE OneView is deployed with HPE ProLiant DL Gen8 and Gen9 servers or HPE BladeSystem. With HPE OneView, you can dramatically simplify day-to-day infrastructure management and automate time-consuming manual tasks.


Composable thrives on new networking models like SDN, Ethernet fabrics and switching disaggregation. They allow for traffic forwarding decisions to be defined programmatically and decoupled from hardware and operational interfaces – improving network and business agility.


HPE Helion CloudSystem is an integrated solution for the provisioning and management of cloud environments. Use Composable Infrastructure Unified API to optimise resources based on workload needs, improving app performance and reducing over-provisioning.

Get Started with Services

We are ready to help you modernise for the composable future. From assessment to implementation, HPE delivers a full spectrum of transformative help around Composable Infrastructure. We help evaluate your environment and explore integration with existing infrastructure. Our proofs of concept, demos and workshops will ensure your journey to composable is smooth.


White Paper : HPE Composable Infrastructure: Bridging Traditional IT and The Idea Economy

White Paper

In an IT era of unprecedented opportunity – and risk – HPE Composable Infrastructure bridges traditional IT and the Idea Economy to meet the new demands.

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Accelerating The New Style of Business with HPE Composable Infrastructure

Infographic : The Composable Infrastructure Bill of Rights


Get the Bill of Rights: An Evaluation Checklist when You Consider Composable Solutions

Brochure : Composable For Dummies

Composable for Dummies

Composable for Dummies

Brochure : Top 10 Reasons to Move to Composable Infrastructure


Top Ten Reason

Analyst Report : Building an Agile Infrastructure for Your DevOps Team

Analyst Report

Align your on-premises infrastructure with your DevOps team operation to enable agility in bringing new apps and IT services to market.

Brochure : Unlock Value and Accelerate Success with Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy


See how you can unlock value and accelerate success with Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy for IT infrastructure and data management

Analyst Report : Hudson Alpha Adopts HPE Synergy to Accelerate Genomics Research

Hudson Alpha
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Hudson Alpha

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