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Services to help you accelerate time to value through actionable analytics and informatics while optimising legacy investments and processes.

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Build an Actionable Analytics Engine

As you consider your data and information needs, understand and define the right approach for an optimised and integrated infrastructure strategy that supports the capture, consolidation, management, protection, understanding, and presentation of your business-aligned information. Our big data and analytics consultants will assess your systems and define the capabilities needed to make your data and analytics initiative a success. Our portfolio of technologies and partnerships will help you operationalise the data analytics and drive your business forward.

Data Driven Services Portfolio

Big Data Challenges by the Numbers


Of Organisations Aren’t Sure How to get Value From Big Data¹


Find Defining a Big Data Strategy to be a Top Challenge¹


Say Big Data Skills Are Scarce and Expensive¹

Be Better Equipped to Handle the Rigors of the Data Explosion

Your organisation needs greater agility and the ability to harness information in near real time. Our Transformation Workshops will help your organisation use analytics-driven insights to leverage the untapped business value of the data flooding into it. The workshops help you determine the processes and tools that will enable your transformation to being agile and data-driven and plot the steps that will enact the transformation.

HPE Transformation Workshops
HPE Data-Driven Organisation Transformation Workshop

HPE Data-Driven Organisation Transformation Workshop

Explore your overall business vision and the impact of transitioning to a data-driven organisation in this one-day event. Our experts will help identify potential issues and challenges when transforming your focus.

Data Profiling Analysis

Data Profiling Analysis

Assess your data footprint, clean up redundant, obsolete, and trivial data, to use as a foundation to enhance your data management strategy.

Big Data Infrastructure Transformation Workshop

The Big Data Infrastructure Transformation Workshop

Build a strategy that places IT in a position to lead the big data transformation within your organisation that includes a common vision, definition, and model for running a big data transformation initiative.

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¹ Data source:  Gartner Big Data Buying Behaviour Research for HPE, 2013