Secure productivity to empower your distributed workforce

New workplace realities are challenging legacy assumptions about where, when, and how work gets done. Location and access-device flexibility are more important than ever, while the ability to deliver productivity and security are no less essential. The public cloud is one option—but not when data sovereignty, privacy, performance, or security considerations require apps and data to remain on premises.

Take a proven approach to enabling remote work with VDI

When conducting business away from the office, workers may be using any type of tablet, smartphone, or PC—trusted or not—as is typical in today’s bring-your-own-device, work-from-home environment. With virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), employees have no need to store confidential company data on a personal device that could easily be lost, stolen, or tampered with. HPE GreenLake for virtual desktop infrastructure offers inherently secure on-premises VDI, tailored to users’ needs that let you avoid high up-front costs, speed time to value, and scale seamlessly to align resources with demand.

Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform experience

Whether you’re adopting virtual desktop infrastructures for the first time, or your legacy VDI environment is challenged by increasing user and application demands, the HPE GreenLake platform can deliver the security, performance, and compliance benefits of an on-premises VDI solution with the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud. HPE supports, operates, and manages the platform to deliver strong performance and reliability, while you retain full control of the crucial desktop and application environment.

  • Respond quickly to changing business needs with seamless scalability
  • There’s no up-front capital expense: per-user, per-month billing includes all VDI hardware, software, installation, and operational and support services
  • Avoid lengthy rollouts with quick-to-deploy, pre-configured, turnkey solutions
  • Pay for the resources you consume as you consume themabove%20a%20reserve, based on transparent, easy-to-understand usage metrics
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Empower distributed and remote workforces

The HPE GreenLake platform enables a fast and secure VDI environment that provides access to on-premises resources from any device, regardless of location. And HPE GreenLake for virtual desktop offers configurations tailored for different user workloads – including knowledge users, task users, power users, and engineering users needing dedicated nodes of CPU and Nvidia GPU compute and memory.

Define a solution to meet your needs

You choose from a range of performance tiers for your users, in the combination that best meets your needs. HPE deploys the required hardware and software in your data center using HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI or HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged systems, helping to ensure security and giving you full control over the environment.

Scale to meet evolving demand

With this solution, HPE provides a fully managed and supported VDI environment, and maintains it over time. As your demand for desktop resources grows, HPE can simply stand up additional resources in your data center ahead of the need, with images configured to suit user categories. With the HPE GreenLake platform, you only pay for what you use.

A leading partner ecosystem

HPE GreenLake platform offers choice and flexibility through its longstanding, strategic partnerships. Benefit from solutions designed, built, and operated using Citrix, VMware, Nutanix, and Nvidia technologies.

Experience HPE GreenLake cloud services

Take HPE GreenLake for a no-cost, no-obligation test drive. This guided, hands-on experience allows you to explore cloud services in a live production environment.

Use cases
Standardized for common use cases

HPE GreenLake for virtual desktop infrastructure offers standardized desktop options aligned with common use cases. You can select a mix of users and user types based on your current needs, with the ability to scale and change that mix to meet business demands (e.g., seasonal fluctuations).

Standardized for common use cases

HPE GreenLake for virtual desktop infrastructure offers standardized desktop options aligned with common use cases. You can select a mix of users and user types based on your current needs, with the ability to scale and change that mix to meet business demands (e.g., seasonal fluctuations).

Task workers
Knowledge workers
Power users
Engineering users (with GPU)
Task workers
Task workers

Task workers perform routine, repetitive tasks using a small number of low-compute-intensity applications. 

Knowledge workers
Knowledge workers

This segment of the workforce predominately uses productivity applications and has some web browsing needs. 

Power users
Power users

Developers, designers, and other power users make intensive use of office applications and have mid-level graphics requirements; these are available with persistent or non-persistent desktop.

Engineering users (with GPU)
Engineering users (with GPU)

Engineers have intensive graphic requirements for CAD-type applications. While it’s traditionally been difficult to enable remote work for these users, virtual GPU technology now make this possible.

Why HPE GreenLake?

With the HPE GreenLake platform, you can take advantage of HPE expertise to get the right experience in place for each of your users quickly. Our VDI solution is not do it yourself and not public cloud. Instead, it offers the benefits of on-premises VDI—such as security, seamless user experience, and performance—and delivers the right environment to boost productivity. Unlike a public cloud solution, you control the performance resources available to end users, as well as the data location, with a service provided in a unique consumption-based, managed-for-you model.

On average, HPE GreenLake customers report:

75 percent

Shortened time to market

Easy capacity planning and a ready-to-use buffer speeds the deployment of global IT projects.A%20commissioned%20study%20conducted%20by%20Forrester%20Consulting%2C%20The%20Total%20Economic%20ImpactTM%26nbsp%3Bof%20HPE%20GreenLake%2C%20May%202020

30 percent

CAPEX savings

Eliminating overprovisioning and technology refresh spending cuts costs.A%20commissioned%20study%20conducted%20by%20Forrester%20Consulting%2C%20The%20Total%20Economic%20ImpactTM%26nbsp%3Bof%20HPE%20GreenLake%2C%20May%202020

40 percent

IT resource saving

Support, administration, and planning are included with HPE GreenLake services.A%20commissioned%20study%20conducted%20by%20Forrester%20Consulting%2C%20The%20Total%20Economic%20ImpactTM%26nbsp%3Bof%20HPE%20GreenLake%2C%20May%202020

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