United Arab Emirates Returns Instructions

Important notice

When applicable, the spare part shipment contains detailed instructions on how to return the defective part. Please follow these instructions. By accepting this replacement part, you also accept to return the defective (at our expense) within 3 working days. Hewlett Packard Enterprise reserve the right to invoice you for the value of non returned items

This is to inform you of the return options valid for DHL shipments for faulty items.

Defective part returns are currently arranged within 3 days from the delivery of the replacement one.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise case reference / Part number / Description vbaPartInfo

If you have already returned the part, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Otherwise, you can book a collection over the phone or email:
DHL Toll Free number: +9714 7024156 and e-mail: hpct.dxb@dhl.com

Alternatively you can drop the faulty part off at the nearest DHL Express Service Centre or DHL Service Point 
Please use account number 950136055 when you book your return.

Always inform the agent in case you do not have return labels, provided in the box.
When a part is collected from you by a DHL courier you have to keep the receipt in order to verify the return and to allow traceability.

Please provide us with the Shipment Waybill Number (it is on the top of the receipt) and e-mail it to csr.me@hpe.com.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask us by sending e-mail to csr.me@hpe.com.

This shipment is pre-paid, there is no extra fee