Business Transformation

What is cloud-enabled business transformation?

Cloud-enabled business transformation accelerates operations through digital solutions. It requires cooperation and coordination between business and IT. Cloud-enabled business transformation helps you establish a clear technology vision that’s aligned with your business goals for modernising existing value chains as well as discovering new ones. 

How do cloud platforms impact business transformation?

Cloud platforms can accelerate the time to market, reduce IT costs and enable employees to enhance the overall customer experience. Cloud-based business transformation allows businesses to become work-from-wherever organisations. With cloud technology, businesses can do more, streamline processes and control costs. The cloud makes digital transformation more efficient and effective as well as less vulnerable to disruptions. 

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What are the benefits of hybrid cloud business transformation?

Hybrid cloud business transformation allows IT to focus on controlling costs while business transformation can focus on investments and value chains. Hybrid cloud solutions offer the necessary agility for changing direction quickly – a core principle of a digital business. Combining public clouds, private clouds and on-site resources offers a competitive advantage of scalability, reliability, security and customisation.

How do hybrid cloud and edge computing accelerate business transformation?

Hybrid cloud and edge computing have helped create the environment for hybrid and remote models to function efficiently and securely. By leveraging the most efficient and secure aspects of the cloud with the consistency of an optimised data centre while integrating the power of edge computing, IT networks can scale quickly and with the agility necessary to respond to future business needs.

Rapidly scaling services is essential. Because every digital transformation is unique, changes must be anticipated and planned for in advance. A robust cloud operating model that includes managed edge computing helps ensure systems are optimised.

Hybrid cloud solutions help organisations take advantage of the value of the public cloud while maintaining control of services and practices that are not yet cloud-ready.

As the hybrid cloud operating model matures, organisations can leverage their existing infrastructure to quickly locate and access data wherever necessary.

Hybrid cloud and edge computing combine to support reduced or constrained IT budgets, standardise compliance across multiple regions and support digital transformation initiatives – growing into new cloud-based services, expanding the effectiveness of software applications, supporting the growth of data beyond current capabilities and reducing the overall number of data centres. 

How do you choose the right cloud solution for your business transformation strategy?

Formulate a strategy that accounts for control and choice, flexibility and change, and resiliency and reliability. An effective cloud strategy calls for careful assessment of business, technology, financial and operational realities balanced with the vision for organisational transformation.

An effective cloud solution for your business transformation strategy should ensure that your business makes the right technology investments at the right time, on the right platforms, to elevate business performance.

A private cloud strategy is ideal for enterprises that require full control over the underlying infrastructure for performance or compliance with strict data protection and secure policies.

The public cloud is suitable for supporting a large number of users who access solutions from a variety of devices with apps that are likely to change frequently.

A combination of public and private cloud resources, or the hybrid cloud, allows enterprises to use the private cloud during particular times of need but scale onto the public cloud when business is more active and involved. Public cloud resources can also back up private cloud applications for disaster recovery.

Business transformation with HPE Cloud Services

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