Are you looking for a custom, scalable HPC storage solution designed specifically for your needs? The Scalable Storage for Lustre solution offers a custom, modular Lustre configuration that can be tailored to specific workloads. Based on the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server, HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server, HPE D3710 Enclosure, HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage for metadata storage, and HPE D6020 Disk Enclosure for capacity storage, this solution provides flexibility in drive choices, tested configurations for reliability, and scalability through modularity. A Hewlett Packard Enterprise tested version of Community Lustre is provided, featuring the ZFS file system for data integrity, data compression, and file system snapshots. The Integrated Manager for Lustre provides simplified system management and tuning via a web interface, and a tight integration with the HPE Data Management Framework (DMF) provides native automated file management and streamlined data workflows.


Custom Tailored Solutions for Specific Workloads

Scalable Storage for Lustre provides a modular architecture which offers multiple configurations for Lustre Object Storage Servers (OSS) and Metadata Servers (MDS).

Variety of storage enclosures to meet bandwidth, IOPS, and capacity requirements. Streaming performance of up to 18 Gbps to 20 Gbps per OSS pair and up to 3.5PB max capacity.

Engineered for reliability with servers configured as high availability (HA) redundant pairs and storage targets cabled for full multipath connection.

Simplified system management and tuning using the Integrated Manager for Lustre.

Robust, Full-featured Lustre Implementation

Community Lustre implementation with the ZFS, the Scalable Storage for Lustre provides data integrity through built-in check sums of data and self-healing of damaged data.

ZFS file system offers storage configuration flexibility through a variety of software RAID configurations.

Rapid creation of system image using snapshot functionality.

Increases storage capacity using data compression.

Enhanced File System Management with HPE Data Management Framework Integration

Scalable Storage for Lustre enhances native file management using the DMF policy engine to create a tiered data model, automated data management policies and streamlined data workflows.

Simplify the Lustre configuration by removing the requirement to install the Lustre Robinhood engine and its separate tracking database.