ADP has talent – for innovation

ADP, a $12B global pioneer in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that processes nearly $2 trillion in payroll and tax funds annually, faces increasing competition from small, nimble start-ups. Its response: partner with HPE and leverage next-generation technologies like Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and containers to accelerate innovation, improve business agility and expand margin with the ultimate goal of moving to a truly digital data centre.

Human capital management – critical, but often overlooked

Companies know their success depends on the quality of their talent. ADP offers valuable insights to guide their HCM decisions.

Companies around the world want to attract, develop and retain high-performing employees. That means addressing a restless workforce where 63% of workers are considering switching jobs, and adapting to five key HCM trends:

  1. Big Data. Companies must leverage employee and workforce data to drive actionable insights, benchmark their HCM performance and improve employee performance and retention. Big data also enables machine learning and conversational use interfaces, innovations which are driving the future of work.

  2. Globalisation. According to the ADP Research Institute, 40% of employees work outside their organisations’ home country. That makes global integration of HCM processes, like compensation planning and performance reviews, a must.

  3. Gig Economy. The rise of the contingent workforce presents opportunities – companies can quickly scale human resources based on demand – as well as challenges. Today’s employees are more comfortable with flexible employment, but also more mobile. They have higher expectations regarding social media as a collaboration tool.

  4. Open Ecosystem. Working with disparate HR and payroll systems adds time and stress to the HR team. Integration is key to reducing errors, avoiding duplicative tasks and saving time.

  5. Consumerisation. Employees expect to access HCM services the way they consume services like banking. Services must be user-friendly and available via smartphone and tablet as well as computer.


Of U.S. companies have no talent management strategy


Of companies around the globe are concerned about retaining critical skills


Of employers are concerned about a shortage of skilled talent

One of the world’s most innovative, diverse and admired companies

For nearly 70 years, ADP has been a pioneer in outsourced business services and in delivering modern cloud-based human capital management solutions.

More than 630,000 businesses and over 30 million people around the world rely on ADP for accurate pay, reliable benefits administration, effective performance management and other HR services. The company is a leading global provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, having pioneered the digital transformation of traditional business outsourcing into a comprehensive suite of next-generation HCM, analytics and compliance tools and services.

Leveraging its unmatched experience, deep insights and cutting-edge technology, ADP has transformed HR from a back-office administrative function to a strategic business advantage in supporting its clients’ most valuable investment – their people – from recruitment to retirement.


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Leadership is a start – but vigilance is a must

Responsible for enormous amounts of sensitive employee data, ADP must craft a strategy that maintains security as the top priority while also driving business agility.

As a major player in the HCM market, ADP is responsible for enormous amounts of personal information. Security is therefore the company’s top business priority: ADP must protect its systems from malware and cyberattacks.

ADP can also draw continually on its deep reservoirs of knowledge and intellectual property to drive HCM innovation and value. For example, many employers manage annual performance reviews as discrete events. ADP’s HCM experts helps companies integrate performance metrics into their daily activities to drive continuous performance improvement and maximise the return on human capital.

And ADP must outflank competitors, which include not only established firms but start-up companies. ADP knows it must remain vigilant. It must match the agility of the most nimble start-up.

It’s a challenge all well-established, large enterprises can appreciate: how can ADP inject innovation and agility into processes that have been in place for years or decades, without introducing unacceptable levels of risk?


Worldwide HCM applications market


Payroll service agencies in the United States alone
  • "We're stewards of other people's data. That means we have to do things to ensure the security and integrity of our infrastructure that many companies couldn’t even imagine."

    Vipul Nagrath, Global CIO, ADP

"Data" is ADP's middle name

The technology that supports ADP's core Big Data operations can't compromise when it comes to stability, agility, efficiency and security.

With over 30 million employee records, ADP is entrusted with its clients’ highly-sensitive HR information, including social security numbers, financial records and benefits selections. The company must select technology that, first and foremost, allows it to securely manage and control its data assets while still delivering business flexibility and speed. ADP’s Global CIO, Vipul Nagrath, has therefore established four pillars to drive all IT decisions:

  1. Stability – With tens of millions of people using ADP’s cloud and mobile solutions, globally, every day, any product introduced to the data centre must be highly stable.

  2. Agility – With nimble competition attacking its market share at every turn, ADP must have agile IT solutions that streamline development and accelerate time to market for new solutions.

  3. Efficiency – IT needs to deliver just the right resources for every workload, neither over nor under provisioning systems, to maximise cost-efficiency and expand margin for the business.

  4. Security – As stewards of such high-stakes data, ADP must employ strongest data protection strategies possible.


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  • "We rely on Datacentre Care from HPE Pointnext to provide 24/7/365 support for ADP's mission critical infrastructure."

    Vipul Nagrath, Global CIO, ADP

Injecting fresh energy to change the way things work

Drawing on its deep grasp of HCM, ADP drives change by addressing people, process and technology
As an HCM leader, ADP tackles its business challenges by first attracting and nurturing top-tier engineering talent.

ADP Innovation Labs supports this effort by fostering creativity and encouraging innovation. ADP also deploys the right processes and infrastructure to power its customer-facing service offerings. Hyper Converged Infrastructure technology and virtualisation were important first steps in the company’s journey to the digital data centre. Moving forward, ADP plans to build on this foundation with a fully composable infrastructure. ADP intends for this future platform to leverage HPE Synergy and HPE One View to deliver a fluid pool of shared compute, storage and network resources that ADP can use to spin-up and spin-down services via a single user interface.

ADP was also an early adopter of Docker containers. Today, this ongoing project benefits from HPE’s Docker partnership, bringing ADP’s infrastructure into even closer alignment with the company’s application development and business needs.

In addition, ADP relies on HPE Pointnext services for 24x7 support of a key application in the company’s mission-critical infrastructure. HPE Pointnext experts work directly with ADP to deliver the support and consulting solutions that matter most, on time, all the time.


The time to bring new Big Data cloud platform to European clients


Lower infrastructure maximises and business value of IT
  • "We've been headed down the containerisation path for some time now. With its emphasis on Hyper Converged Infrastructure, HPE's portfolio delivers the technology we need to advance our software-defined datacentre strategy."

    Vipul Nagrath, Global CIO, ADP

Journey to a digital data centre

IT innovation unlocks ADP's ability to speed time-to-market without compromising stability and performance.

ADP’s foray into Hyper Converged systems, meanwhile, initially produced a reference architecture 30-40% less expensive than traditional platforms. Along with its containerisation strategy, ADP’s HCI approach equips the company to become even more proficient in scaling the company’s infrastructure to handle customers’ cyclical workloads, such as weekly or monthly payroll and annual tax filing. It also eliminates the costs associated with over-provisioning, improving margins while ensuring responsive, economical service to ADP customers.

ADP is also bringing new products to market faster and more cost-effectively. For example, it leveraged HPE architecture to launch ADP DataCloud and DocCloud solutions in Europe, opening a new revenue stream and giving European companies access to simplified reporting. Building this European platform took significantly less time than it would have taken with traditional compute and storage stacks, and cost 70% less.

  • "In HPE, we’ve found a fellow traveller: a company with a fundamental grasp of the issues we face, and a commitment to innovation that aligns with our own."

    Vipul Nagrath, Global CIO, ADP

Solution recipe

Formula for a software-defined datacentre

ADP has partnered with HPE to lead the company from traditional siloes of compute, storage and networking to a fully converged and automated infrastructure that maximises IT stability, agility, efficiency and security.