DNS Server

What is a DNS Server?

When you enter a URL into a web browser, the browser forwards this request to your DNS server. If your DNS server has that URL’s IP address cached, that information is relayed back to the browser. If it doesn’t, your request goes to a DNS root name server, then to a top-level domain (TLD) server, and finally to the authoritative DNS master root server. If the IP address is found at any of these servers, it is immediately sent back to the web browser, where the appropriate website is displayed.


What is the fastest DNS server?

Typically, the DNS provided by your ISP isn’t going to be as fast as that provided by a dedicated DNS provider. Which of those available is the fastest depends on when you check. DNSPerf keeps an updated list of DNS providers’ performance based on speed, uptime, and quality. However, when it comes to DNS providers, speed can also depend on your physical location relative to the providers’ closest points of presence (PoPs). 

How do I optimize my DNS server?

There are two immediate actions you can take to optimize your DNS server. The first of these is to switch from your ISP to a dedicated DNS provider. DNS speeds aren’t usually your ISP’s top priority, although they certainly are for DNS providers, so this could result in a noticeable change in your Internet speeds.

The second thing you can do is to make sure your devices are set to the correct DNS server settings. 

How do I fix a DNS server problem?

If you’re experiencing Internet problems and have determined that your DNS server is at fault, figuring out how to resolve the issue can require some investigation. The most effective way to do this is to think about every step of the DNS process (root name server, top-level domain server, etc.) and go through each one using the BIND dig command and other tools.

Because this process can be time-consuming, it’s incredibly helpful to document your DNS server’s configuration when it’s running properly. By doing this, you can compare this documentation to the configuration that’s giving you trouble and more quickly track down the root of the problem. 

What should I use for my DNS server?

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