Solutions for Service Providers

Accelerating growth for IT service businesses

Service Provider Ready solutions

Workload-optimized and ready for service providers—HPE delivers a comprehensive set of solutions for building your business.

Unlock the Value of Hybrid Cloud

Deliver Azure managed services from your data center with simplicity. HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack enables you to deploy apps across public and private clouds with an infrastructure platform that supports pay-as-you-grow financing. 

HPE Software Defined Object Storage with Scality

Hosting on a public cloud may not meet cost or data-control requirements for customers, so a local storage service based on Scality RING can offer real business advantages. HPE Software Defined Object Storage with Scality provides a scale-out architecture that is flexible and efficient, making it easier to deliver new services while lowering the cost of storage and simplifying management.

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking

The open-standards and open-source approach of HPE sets it apart from competitors. HPE recognizes that your needs are unique, and with open SDN we offer flexibility and choice. For example, HPE DCN includes distributed virtual routing and switching based on Open vSwitch. Our customers are freed from vendor lock-in by leveraging open-source technology.

HPE Helion OpenStack® Quickstart

An automated cloud solution frees your staff from tedious management tasks. HPE Helion OpenStack helps build a manageable, resilient, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud while avoiding vendor lock-in. Service providers get hardware agnosticism, scalability, multi-hypervisor workload support, and enterprise security.

HPE Cloud Backup Service Ready Solution

This flexible, cost-effective backup service is built with proven storage solutions and management software. Get to market faster with our knowledge and experience in designing, marketing, selling, and supporting scalable backup solutions. Includes backup IaaS, public cloud-based services, and traditional hosting environments so you can provide backup services tailored to customers’ business needs.

Web and Hosting Service Ready

Scale web infrastructure within existing space and power constraints, while still delivering optimal performance. HPE Moonshot provides a complete, multi-tier web infrastructure in a box. Layer your application stack across dedicated groups of servers within a chassis. The world’s first software-defined web server, HPE Moonshot delivers breakthrough efficiency and scale.

Security Operations and Application Testing

Address customers’ risks with managed security services and improve your customers' speed and cost-effectiveness of applications testing by offering Testing as a Service. Our security offerings for service providers are built on the HPE Security Intelligence Platform, including an end-to-end information security plan tied to an execution roadmap.

Cloud Workload Migration

Migration as a Service securely automates the movement of workloads into and between clouds—without disrupting source server function and performance. Migrate to HPE Helion OpenStack from physical, virtual or other clouds.

Managed Cloud Service Ready

Based on HPE CloudSystem, this out-of-the-box offering enables service automation and push-button simplicity for service providers who manage hybrid cloud environments. Provide hosted private cloud either on the customer premise or within the service provider’s datacenter.