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Deploy and operate high performance computing systems faster and boost productivity with flexible, comprehensive supercomputer software.

Imagine a Painless Environment

High Performance Computing (HPC) is complex and demanding by definition. This can mean troublesome, time-consuming installation and maintenance. But with the right software environment, not only can you streamline basic deployment and operation, you can boost HPC application performance and maximize system efficiency.  

HPE delivers a pre-built and easy-to-operate environment that will reduce time to production and optimizes the use of resources. Our complete software set includes the development tools, runtime libraries, workload schedulers, and cluster management tools required by application developers and system administrators.


Investing in the Future of HPC Software

Investing in the Future of HPC Software

HPE is continuously innovating its software to support high performance. Building upon the success of our HPE Core HPC Software Stack. We are working on our next generation stack that meets the demand for an even more comprehensive and supported software solution for HPC.

Follow the evolution of a software environment that can help take your business as far as you want to go. Ready to bring products to market? In an industry requiring HPC such as finance or life sciences? Our production stack will deliver the fully-supported reliability that you need to grow.

“Our internal business users are becoming more sophisticated in terms of use cases and more demanding in terms of delivery timelines. HPE Insight CMU helps us to meet delivery timelines by accelerating the deployment of new nodes.”   

Phillip Kim
Senior Technical Specialist, Strategic Planning & Engineering Development, Singtel Optus Pty Ltd, Australia

The HPC Software Offerings

HPE Core HPC Software Stack

Our complete software stack streamlines installation and maintenance, and provides an industry standard foundation for HPC. Create, optimize and run HPC applications while managing your environment with the HPE Insight Cluster Managment Utility (CMU).

The stack includes supporting components for specific workloads, such as LibStorageMgmt and the Cognitive Computing Toolkit. It also features compatibility with Open HPC and is enhanced with unique capabilities from our HPC partners, including Altair, Mellanox and NVIDIA.

Download and install HPE Core HPC Software Stack

Provides a Complete HPC Environment

The software set includes compilers, debuggers, development toolkits, run time libraries, scientific libraries, workload schedulers, as well as a full-functionality cluster manager.

Fits your IT Budget

Deploy on standalone clusters up to 32 nodes at no charge by requesting a free license.  Use the included trial license for clusters of any size for 120 days and then purchase only a HPE Insight CMU license to continue using the entire software environment.

Reduces Time to Production

The HPE Cluster Setup Tool guides you through installation of the software environment. Leveraging the high performance provisioning of HPE Insight CMU, a full cluster can be installed and running in production in the shortest possible time.

Optimizes Resources and Improves Productivity

HPE Cluster Test Lite and the HPE Insight CMU enable you to monitor system usage, manage resources, and test system operations. Quickly identify and remedy issues, allowing quick restoration to an optimal state.

Get More Information on the HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility Tool

HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility

This easy-to-use tool provides HPC system provisioning, monitoring, and management for both HPE and non-HPE stacks; from a single server to clusters with thousands of nodes. It is included with the HPE Core HPC Software Stack and offers a comprehensive feature set complemented by a flexible and efficient interface HPE Insight CMU helps maximize resource delivery to applications, optimize resource usage, and improve productivity.


• Industry-standard, automated installation

• Fast, scalable cloning of cluster servers

• Disk-based and diskless, in-memory support for faster provisioning



• At-a-glance view of servers, partitions or entire system

• Customizable by administrators

• Both Command-Line (CLI) and Graphical (GUI) interfaces in 2D or 3D



• Multi-window broadcast (console, serial and ILO)

• Easy configuration audit (with cmu_diff)  

• Includes cluster-aware Smart Terminal


A Range of Density-Optimized Systems for HPC

HPE Apollo Systems let you apply the right amount of performance, scalability and efficiency to your HPC workloads. Increase compute density and supercomputing power to fit your specific business needs and your IT environment.

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