Big Data Solutions

Harness all of the possibilities of big data to unlock your organization’s future in the idea economy.

Put Your Data to Work

Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy, where success favors the businesses that get their ideas to market the fastest. Data-driven organizations achieve significant gains by implementing continuous improvement and predictive planning to improve customer satisfaction, quickly inform big decisions, eliminate waste and reduce risk.

Better Business Through Big Data

Make data tangible for your business using our innovative software, services and big data infrastructure solution. With HPE, you can establish holistic data strategies, unify legacy and new data, adapt to needs as they arise, and use relevant data pools to inform personalization, forecasting and monetization.


Of Enterprises Cannot Fully Exploit Their Data


Cannot Analyze Data Quickly Enough


Do Not Capitalize on Clickstream Data

Leading Big Data Platforms and Innovation

For Value-creating Infrastructure

HPE Moonshot, the ultra-converged workload powerhouse, applies processing at the smallest scale to make access instantaneous and processing highly efficient.

The HPE Apollo 4000 is purpose-built for big data, analytics and object storage. Focus on data with Hadoop-based data mining and NoSQL-based analytics. Implement object storage with petabyte-scale data volumes.

HPE ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA is workload optimized to provide unparalleled agility and reliability for real-time business analytics and scalable, mission-critical SAP HANA.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 stores analyzed data, addressing existing workload demands and future growth. Read about the HPE 3PAR converged SAN solution for consolidating storage and reducing cost-per-terabyte.

HPE ProLiant Servers feature a converged and balanced architecture in a dense and efficient chassis. Scale data linearly and limitlessly, while answering data center challenges of space, energy, and time with HPE Apollo big data solutions.

For a Roadmap to Growth

Partner with us to lower risk and decrease time to value. Get the most value out of your data from a complete “Big Data Balance Sheet” and a blueprint for maximizing the impact of all the data that matters—machine, human and application.

We focus on storing, exploring, governing, protecting and serving information and insights that fundamentally improve the outcomes of your businesses, your people and the environment. We determine the right hardware solution and deploy that hardware anywhere in the world.

HPE Big Data Services operate over a worldwide footprint to manage data systems at every level in every corner of the world. We allow you to focus on your business growth, not on your infrastructure.

Our Data-driven Offerings

Empower the Data-driven Organization

In the idea economy, the first company to action insights changes the game. And, the faster the data—the faster the ideas.