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Within the HPE Ezmeral Container platform, Zerto for Kubernetes integrates backup and disaster recovery into the application development lifecycle, running on-premises or in the cloud, to enable data protection as code

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Zerto for Kubernetes

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Storage; Data Protection

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HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

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Zerto integrates both backup and disaster recovery into the application deployment lifecycle so that Kubernetes apps are born protected. As you grow, the solution can easily scale up and out, delivering continuous protection for persistent data and enabling rapid development and mobility. 

Continuous Data Protection (CDP): Zerto’s replication is always running, providing continuous protection for your containerized data. Taking place in the background without any reliance on snapshots, this near-synchronous replication doesn’t disrupt production clusters and allows for RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.

Replication and Journaling: The Zerto journal records checkpoints with a granularity of seconds. This ensures your copies are only seconds behind, letting you rest easy knowing you can non-disruptively rewind to any previous point in time.

Easy Management via API: Thanks to an API-first approach, Zerto integrates seamlessly into the existing automation capabilities included in HPE Ezmeral Kubernetes clusters, with native tooling, YAML-based configurations, and API extensions via CRD. As you take advantage of these, manage Zerto using traditional kubectl commands to further simplify your processes.

Environment and Application Awareness: With Zerto Protection Groups, you can group entire Kubernetes applications and their persistent volumes, then protect and recover them as a one consistent entity along with all their objects and metadata, such as ConfigMaps, StatefulSets, Services, Secrets and Deployments. 

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Agility: No matter where your Kubernetes environments are running—on-premises, in the cloud, or any combination—Zerto maintains your freedom of platform. Use the infrastructure of your choice without cloud lock-in. ft. This maintains your freedom of choice and prevents you from getting locked into any specific vendor.

Complete visibility and monitoring: Zerto delivers a centralized view of your entire Kubernetes environment to monitor performance and protection.

Simple, native workflows: Simple, built-in workflows for any recovery and orchestration scenario designed to streamline operations.

Note - Zerto for Kubernetes on Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise is only supported using the ext-4 file system.  XFS file system will be validated on a later date.

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