As the digital workspace continues to evolve, organizations can be daunted by the idea of long deployment cycles and performance problems. Whether it’s the desktop virtualization implementations or the overarching transformation strategies, organizations are seeking to innovate faster. With the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform and Wipro, the switch to hybrid can be simple, and so can the organization’s drive towards more agile collaboration and mobility solutions. Wipro leverages the HPE GreenLake platform across its managed services portfolio, notably the Wipro Fluid IT and VirtuaDesk™ solutions, to deliver a pay-per-use model that is subscription-based, agile, elastic, and offers a consistent cloud experience. Organizations can fast track their digital transformation efforts by eliminating the need for upfront capital investment and overprovisioning costs, while enjoying the benefits of on-premises control, security and compliance.

Product Name


HPE Platform

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services


Gain control over your deployment, spending, and ability to deliver business outcomes


  • Unify and simplify your operations

HPE GreenLake platform and Wipro management and governance services to operate the infrastructure for you, allowing you to free up staff for more value-added work, while keeping your environment safe and delivering insights to control cost and risk with hybrid cloud.


  • Optimize your IT

Leverage HPE and Wipro’s combined global expertise to fine-tune your IT infrastructure. Gain benefits, such as more efficient asset utilization, IT    capacity that scales with you, and enterprise-quality support.


  • Achieve faster time to value

Obtain an end-to-end software-defined infrastructure from the HPE GreenLake platform, integrated with Wipro solutions and services, for accelerated    deployment and operations.


  • Align costs with usage for better economics

Boost financial flexibility, free up capital, improve cost control, and align costs to business outcomes with a cloud-like experience in an edge-to-cloud platform. Plan ahead of demand to significantly reduce overprovisioning costs, downtime, and performance issues that result from lack of capacity.


  • Scale where and when it matters

Provide users remote access to provisioning applications through self-service, managing risk enterprise-wide, while increasing productivity and    reducing capital expenditures. Easily manage demand surges, without overprovisioning, by adding capacity in minutes from a buffer on-site. Get    vertical scaling by adding servers and horizontal scaling by adding appliances.


  • Keep current with the latest technology

Benefit from up-to-date technology advancements, through the built-in technology refresh feature on HPE GreenLake platform deployments.    Leverage advanced and affordable analytics in the cloud with TCS SAP HANATM enabled by HPE. Quickly achieve insights to drive decision-making  with the mission-critical reliability you need from a high-performing database.



Better together

With a vast repertoire of innovative and powerful technology solutions, HPE and Wipro can help organizations achieve their business transformations and more. As the 2021 HPE Edge-to-Cloud Ecosystem Partner of the Year, Wipro’s strength in delivering leading hybrid IT services and solutions, combined with the HPE GreenLake platform, can help organizations realize competitive advantage and improve ROI. With 25 years of cumulative experience in product engineering, research and development, and technology support, this alliance delivers dynamic, outcome-driven solutions to unleash the full potential of an organization’s IT landscape.

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