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IZAC is your customized unified data exchange platform which sources, transforms and visualizes every type of data – structured, semi structured and unstructured. IZAC enables data democratization through easy and fast rule based data asset sharing, allowing non-specialists, decision makers to work independently on data by letting them find and consume data seamlessly. IZAC has built-in machine learning algorithms to drive the data models into artificial intelligence products.

IZAC helps proactively solves all data engineering and ETL problems through a UI based platform running on open Kafka and Spark framework. IZAC also enables seamless design workflows to acquire, transform and load data into a single source of truth.

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Big Data


Today most industries are faced with 3 major challenges :

●     Data Silos

●     Data Standardization across wide variety of enterprise data

●     Secured Data Exchange

Diverse datasets make Data Collaboration nearly impossible to drive insights.

Data is scattered across the organization in multiple silos and modern applications are changing data requirements. Public and private entities need to consume data to create new revenue opportunities and improve efficiency.

However, there is no platform to enable organizations to easily circulate and make data available in realtime, while taking into account the imperatives of data confidentiality, enforcement, and traceability of data assets.

IZAC gives organizations the power to build their own unified private data exchange platform enabling them to effectively store and exchange information both within and outside their organization.

IZAC Drives:

1.    User Access and Role Management - map your organizational hierarchy for approval process of data asset.

2.   Data Extraction in Real time using Kafka - have innumerable data pipelines, and capture change data at source and store it in immutable, persistent manner on HPE Data Fabric

3.    Data Transformation - including data preparation, data cleansing and filtering, and the Data transformations are independent of source and destination systems

4.    Data Sharing with the defined authority matrix

5.    Data Warehousing (Extended Capability)

6.    Advanced Analytics (Extended Capability) & Visualization

7.    Governance & Audit - IZAC is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified product – it enables organizations for their GDPR and other leading compliances across the world

8.    Workflows & Scheduling - IZAC can define schedules and workflows via graphical user interface, and you can monitor progress of executed workflows, statistics and logs on IZAC

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Explore the industry’s first enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud native applications, HPE Ezmeral Runtime.

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