Weka offers a high performance data platform that was built to address the storage challenges posed by modern applications that leverage Cloud, GPU compute through innovations in how Flash is used. Built on WekaFS, the Limitless Data platform offers the simplicity of NAS, the performance of SAN or DAS and the scale of object storage. No more compromises between Simplicity, Speed or Scale. With its unique software-defined architecture, customers can run on-premises, natively in the cloud, orchestrate their data effortlessly between the two. The ability to mix and match Flash and Disk offers customers the best economics.

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Weka Data Platform

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HPE Ezmeral Runtime Version



WekaIO (Weka) is a leader in its industry and is a software-only storage solution, a highly performant limitless data platform that is also secure, robust and operating system-agnostic—with the most flexible deployment options. The Limitless Data Platform is built on the Weka file system (WekaFS) which can be run on any commodity Intel x86-based hardware platform. WekaFS is now available for HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.

With each software release, the use cases for the Weka Limitless Data Platform expand—which means we enable more high-performance computing (HPC) and AI in the enterprise. WekaFS delivers on all of these enterprise features: multi-tenancy, multi-protocol support, end-to-end encryption, authenticated mounts, hybrid cloud management, snapshots, cloud bursting, archive, backup and disaster recovery.

Weka focuses on 3 primary markets - FSI, Lifesciences and AI/ML. With S3 support Weka supports fast object use case in-addition to high performance filesystem implementation. Weka’s S3 support extends the benefits of parallel, distributed filesystem to cloud native applications which need strong consistency, multiprotocol access and high performance and low latency particularly for small objects.

  • Faster time-to-market, to value: Reduced epoch times, while delivering lowest inference times in a containerized deployment. Line rate performance, limitless scale, and Industry’s best GPUDirect performance: more than 162GB/sec of bandwidth to a single GPU client system.
  • New cloud native workloads and applications: Stateful applications, strong consistency and ability to handle small files is very important for fast object use cases like NoSQL DB's, Cloud native applications, Cloud native data lakehouses, etc.
  • Operational agility: Best agility for data management across the Edge, Core, and Cloud.
  • Applications needing multiprotocol access: Ability to ingest data with S3 (IoT endpoints) and expose via POSIX, NFS, GPU Direct for deep learning, analytics - IoT use cases.
  • Scale and ease of deployment: Software defined and scale-out. Weka’s performance scales linearly as we add S3 clients or S3 enabled storage nodes. Weka can be installed on any x86 and AMD based storage servers as well as in public cloud instances.
  • Best economics: Weka data platform can leverage hybrid media, providing fast object over NVMe flash and capacity object with HDD’s; burst workloads in cloud as needed.
  • Data consolidation with global namespace: Weka data platform provides a single global namespace, consolidating storage and data silos. Unifies your data with single storage platform for entire data pipeline; easily access and manage billions of files from single directory.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Weka extends the native S3 access both on-premises as well for AWS deployments, uniquely extending AWS S3 for fast object use cases and frameworks like AWS SageMaker.
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