Vyasa provides a novel AI-powered platform for organizations to connect and analyze content across their entire data landscape. Its core solution, Layar, is an intelligent data fabric that enables organizations to connect disparate data sources into a single platform.

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Vyasa Layar

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HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise


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Vyasa Layar is an intelligent data fabric that helps organizations unify their data and accelerate the discovery of insights through a novel approach to deep learning. Vyasa makes data across various silos and file formats easily searchable and accessible in a single platform all without moving or replicating content.

Vyasa provides organizations with unrivaled data visualization and analytics with specializations in healthcare, life sciences, higher education, state & local government and manufacturing.

Vyasa can be deployed on-premise or the cloud and is delivered via a Kubernetes Helm chart. The software is deployed completed within the users’ chosen environment and adheres to in-place security protocols.


Benefits of Vyasa:

  • Overcome data silos: Vyasa Layar can connect to both cloud and on-premise data silos containing structured, semi-structured and unstructured content.
  • Keep your data where it lives: Data connected to Vyasa Layar is not moved or replicated, meaning existing storage infrastructure can remain in place.
  • Accelerate time to insights: Vyasa Layar’s advanced deep learning models streamline analytics and accelerate insight discovery. Users of Vyasa improve productivity by 25% when compared to manual processes.
  • Explore your data in low code: Vyasa features a suite of low code application interfaces for users to explore their Layar data fabric. Query results can be viewed and analyzed via smart spreadsheets, dynamic knowledge graphs and real-time dashboards.
  • Simultaneously search and analyze multiple file types: Vyasa Layar can connect to any file type making it easy to search across multiple formats including structured spreadsheets, unstructured text, images, PowerPoint presentations, genomics files and more.
  • Expand access to resources: Vyasa Layar can connect to publicly available data sources such as websites and social media feeds allowing organizations to expand their access to key resources. Healthcare and life science organizations can license Vyasa’s Canonical Data Fabric to increase their access to biomedical resources including arXiv, bioRxiv, ClinicalTrials.gov, medRxiv, National Health and Care Excellence (NICE), PubChem, PubMed, PubMed Central Open Access, UK Health Protocols and U.S. Patent Office.
  • Unlimited Scalability: Vyasa can be deployed across hybrid environments. The software is fully containerized allowing it to scale with your organization.
Additional Information

Evaluate Vyasa by accessing a free trial at https://vyasa.com/download/

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