Unravel helps you monitor, manage, and improve your data pipelines in the cloud and on-premises.  Unravel helps to drive more reliable performance in the applications that power your business.

Product Name

Unravel Sensor

Product Version


HPE Ezmeral Runtime Version



Unravel is a full-stack cross-platform software solution that optimizes the performance of data applications running on the HPE Ezmeral Runtime. With a real-time view of the applications running on the HPE Ezmeral Runtime, Unravel can quickly report on performance and stability issues with Spark, Hive, Kafka, data pipelines, and more. Unravel provides both contextualized recommendations and autonomous actions to fix the problems as they arise. 

Optimized Performance: Get to root cause analysis quicker with data driven application performance insights, detailed reporting and alerts that help you meet guaranteed SLAs  

Accelerate Data Operations: Eliminate finger-pointing between development and operations teams with real-time intelligence and autonomous tuning of your data pipelines  

Drastically Reduce Troubleshooting and Tuning Time: Unified monitoring and management platform for all Spark ecosystem components, apps, and infrastructure. 

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Explore the industry’s first enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud native applications, HPE Ezmeral Runtime.

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