Speed app deployment by validating security policies and configurations during your build process. Kubernetes-native controls stop threats at runtime without impacting performance. Prevent issues by monitoring performance and capacity. Sysdig accelerates incident response and streamlines compliance.

Product Name

Sysdig Secure DevOps

Product Version


HPE Ezmeral Runtime Version



The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform, by design, is container-native and focused on extracting extremely granular data that is enriched and automatically tagged with orchestrator, cloud, and container metadata to provide rich context to facilitate monitoring, intrusion and anomaly detection, troubleshooting, and forensics at scale. 

Sysdig extends HPE Ezmeral Runtime capabilities, providing end-to-end security, including: 

  • Extensive image scanning, including 3rd party libraries and vulnerability management 
  • Compliance across the entire application lifecycle to help implement the regulatory compliance standards like NIST, PCI, etc.  
  • Runtime defense to block attacks and implement zero-day threat protection on production leveraging Falco open source technology 
  • Container forensics and incident response thanks to Sysdig system call deep visibility 
  • Infrastructure and application monitoring for HPE Ezmeral and other container and cloud workloads across multiple providers

Sysdig provides centralized visibility and security when operating HPE Ezmeral Runtime at scale, with a single agent deployed per host, Sysdig can scale to 10,000+ nodes to secure and monitor containers and applications running on HPE Ezmeral Runtime clusters.

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